Friday, 3 January 2014

*VIDEO REVEAL* 2013 Aster Spring Advent Calendar

Before the year ended I went for my usual facial at Aster Spring and signed up with a package for this year (2014).

I signed up for their Christmas Gala RM1,800 (worth RM3,250) and I put it on Ezypayment.
  • RM2,200 service value
  • RM100 Tisserand product value (essential oil)
  • RM150 Davines product value (hair)
  • RM800 Dermalogica Value

As a bonus I got the Advent Calendar for free (min spend RM1k to get it, it was RM3k before xmas!)

I attempted to do a video reveal. 

Please note that:
  1. This is my first EVER video and I used my iPhone. Lesson learned - when recording using an iPhone put it on landscape!! So please excuse the black background on the right and left of the video.
  2. Because I used an iPhone, I could only edit using YouTube and it's not the best editing tool. Next time (ceh mcm nak buat lagi) use the camera!
  3. Excuse my little helper in the vid. He wanted to help (read:sebok!), equipped with his butter knife!
  4. The quality isn't the best, SORRY!
  5. The vid is a bit too long! Wanted to do those fast forward vids but couldn't figure out how. 
  6. As the box has been shaken (and also trampled on) some of the items went to other windows. Hence why you can see a few items behind a window which resulted to an empty window in another.
So here it is!

Here are all the items close up!

Derma products

Service Vouchers - all free and none of those with purchase vouchers!

Essential oil (Tisserand) product - LEFT ONLY

Hair products

Averine make up

Apparently the box is worth RM1,155. Made up of;
  • RM564 service value
  • RM591 balance (spread between all small sized products except for the makeup which were of full sizes)
I wished that the Derma products were of larger sizes but I guess they ARE trying to squeeze 24 items into a box.

Overall it was fun to open the box to see what's behind each of the window and I have loads of travel sized hair and face items!

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