Thursday, 14 November 2013


I love music and my music taste is quite eclectic.

On a day that I want to chilled and relaxed while drafting some board papers, I would put on some Norah Jones.

On a sluggish and slow day but I have tonnes of work to do, I need some house music to psyche me up! (House music ALWAYS reminds me of fun Friday nights back in the UK hehe)

So I was gutted when I found out that my good old iPod no longer works and I can no longer access my music collection that I accumulated since 2005!

I bought this baby in my first year to accompany me during my commutes as a first year auditor back in the UK. The train rides to clients were sometimes long so I listened to music.

So let's do a #throwbackthursday and let me share with you my music players prior to the iPod

Mini Disc!

Bought this during my first year of uni to accompany me during walks to classes in the cold.

The good old walkman!!

This was my first ever portable music player. Bought with my hard earned money of delivering pamplets to houses back in Aussie. 

I used to wait for the weekly chart on the radio to record my fave songs! Did you do that too???

Share with me what music players you had!

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