Sunday, 24 March 2019

SPM 1999 - Best student!

It was my high school’s 25th year celebration. I would have loved to attend but was away this weekend in Gerik. I have been told that my name is inside the school hall so yesterday I got a friend to snap a picture of it! 😀 

Sekolah Menengah Jalan Tiga Bandar Baru Bangi. 

Thank you for being the stepping stone to help me get to where I am today ☺️ 

Monday, 25 February 2019

Umrah 2018 with Kids

The husband and I had the intention of going for Umrah since 2017 but last year (2018) we really wanted to do it. One day Kimi had a meeting in KL and I told him to stop by the office so that we can get the quotes and prices from the nearby travel agent Rayhar. After seeing the prices etc, Kimi said, "Go ahead, book it!" so we did!

We decided to go during the school holidays as we were bringing the kids (yup that's right! eeeek). Naturally I was scared and apprehensive at the idea of bringing the kids, we most people told us InsyaAllah it'll be ok. The months ticked by and come November 24th, it was time for us to go!

Our families sent us off to the airport but my sister and Kimi's cousin came to our house before we left and Kimi's cousin recited the doa and Azan for us.

As we were going just the 4 of us, with no other family members we chose the closest hotel in Mekah and Madinah. I also convinced Kimi to pay a little bit extra so that we could get Business Class seats. Paying extra was worth it! The seats in the plane was so comfortable so we could get proper sleep and rest on the flight especially on the way back!

Our hotel was one of the blocks near the Clock Tower. It was very near but most importantly I could just walk within the hotel block without having to walk in the streets before reaching the gates into the Ka'abah.

Day 1 - Umrah

We arrived at our hotel at 3am on the 25th Nov. Initial itinerary said that we will be performing our Umrah after arriving but luckily as we arrived slightly later than scheduled, they told us to go and rest at our hotel. We were to gather at the hotel lobby at 7am after breakfast to perform our Umrah with the mutawwif.

Upon walking into the Mataf and seeing the Ka'abah for the first time I cried. I guess I was just so happy that Allah has invited me and my family to be his guests. The Ustaz said that not everyone will reach here unless called upon and invited by Allah.

We followed our Mutawwif to perform the Tawaf. Luckily there were not that many people at the time but Aaman wanted to be carried so Kimi carried him first while I held onto Nazrin. Personally, I couldn't really concentrate as I had to keep tabs on Kimi and Aaman and also the rest of the group with so many people around us. Aaman fell asleep almost immediately which made it harder to hold him. After 5 rounds I took over and carried him until the end of our Tawaf. Nazrin was pretty amazing though as he did all 7 rounds without any noise from him. He didn't complain at all! I was so proud of him! Alhamdulillah, we completed our 7 rounds.

Sa'ie was next and we definitely needed help so thank goodness for the wheelchairs. We rented one for SAR100 and put Aaman there. He didn't want to sit there at first, still insisting that I carried him which I did for the 1st leg but after that I couldn't anymore. Nazrin sat on the wheelchair for a few rounds but he walked with Kimi mostly. He especially loved running under the green lights.

I couldn't believe it but we managed to perform our Umrah together as a family.

Day 2 - Visits to Jabal Thur, Jabal Rahmah

We decided to do Umrah that day as we were all still pretty tired, so we did Tawaf Sunat.

Day 3 - Miqat at Hudaibaiyah


That night I also managed to perform Tawaf Sunat. One of the advantages of staying nearby is it's safe for me to go down alone at night. We had to take turns for prayers and tawaf etc as the kids slept  early so it was safe for me to walk alone. That night, I managed to get close to the Ka'abah and also took some photos.

Add caption

I also managed to sneak into Hijr Ismail. It was packed but I managed say a prayer inside there. MasyaAllah, thank you Allah for all the opportunities!

Day 4 and 5 - Tawaf Sunat

No visits today so we took turns going down. Before that Aaman had fun chasing around the pigeons!

I also went down to the Ka'abah with Aaman in the morning. Took this cute picture of him!

That night Nazrin and I walked around after Maghrib.

I went down again after he fell asleep at around 10pm to do my Tawaf. Just can't get enough of this beautiful Ka'abah.

Day 6

We were ready to go visit Tanaim but we missed the bus! So we decided to do tawaf together. Again, Aaman wanted to be carried so I started carrying him.

After 2 rounds, I lost Kimi and Nazrin but I still continued. Aaman fell asleep so it made it harder to carry him. After 4 rounds, I stopped and sat down. I switched on my roaming and told Kimi where I was. He came by to drop Nazrin who was tired and continued to finish his rounds. After he finished his rounds, it was my turn to complete my Tawaf.

Day 7

A friday in Makah! In the morning, I did my Tawaf sunat and after that went back to the room to get the boys. We went to the Tower Clock Mall where we bumped into my old Chairman TS AWO, but no selfies hahah! Then for Jumaat prayers, I managed to find a spot at the Sa'ie area. Coming out after prayers, omg there were so many people! I was carrying Aaman and was trying to get to the stroller and read prayers trying to get to the stroller. MasyaAllah, the power of prayers really works there! Managed to reach the stroller, put Aaman down and made it back to the hotel safely.

We then started packing to head to Madinah.

Day 8 - Tawaf Wada'

We did ours separately, Kimi went first and then I did. So sad leaving Makkah and prayed that we would be called again.

Monday, 18 February 2019

37th birthday

Another year of being blessed to be alive, syukur Alhamdulillah and surrounded by loving family and friends.

This year I celebrated my birthday with 2 cakes and pulut kuning.

The weekend before my birthday, I celebrated with my families. Mama cooked my favourite Mee Udang and had an ice cream cake.

Presents are a must for my in-laws family. They love spoiling everyone with presents and that includes us "menantu" as well.

Chanel lippy form the sisters, Kakak, Mas and adik.

Konti gave me a present too!

And it's a karaoke mike!

Shower gel from Mas and Jimi.

My parents in-law got me a handbag! Thank you Papa and Mama. Actually I keep telling mama, there is no need to get me anything as they have done more than enough for us. But Mama insists that Papa loves to buy presents and he was super excited to give me mine! Thank you Adik for helping to choose my  bag!

I love it! It's perfect for work with a wide base so I can fit quite a lot.

Then the day before my birthday, Natte surprised me with an awesome Chanel cake and presents. She surprised me on the day before my birthday as I was taking leave on my actual birthday.

On my actual birthday, Kimi took me out for lunch and to buy my birthday present.

We went to KLCC and he wanted to get me some shoes. Really wanted to get the Chanel ballerina flats but they didn't have it in my size.

So went to Ferragamo instead.

Finally decided to get this pale pink Vera!

The day after when I got back into work, I was surprised by my office mates. They ordered Pulut Kuning and got rendang ayam too. It was so very sweet of them to organise it!

This year's presents.

I got 2 flowers, one from my aunties (aka Hanna Petals) and I was very surprised to receive flowers from my college friend Niza. We haven't seen each other for ages except for messages when there is a new Duck released, so it was very sweet of her to send me flowers.

All in all it was a great birthday as always. Alhamdulillah for another year!

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Seeing an old friend after 22 years!

My friend Lexi messaged me over FB a few months back telling me that she will be visiting Malaysia and she wonders if I would like a quick meet up. OF COURSE i told her!

Lexi is South African but we met when we were 12 (in 1994) in Australia. We went to the same primary school and became best friends! Most Fridays I would follow her back to her house for a swim and we would watch this series called "Ready or Not" which was so terrible! haha Then we would eat toast with apricot jam or Maggi noodles! But by the year end she moved back to South Africa. However a few years later in 1997 she came back to Australia and went to the same high school so we became friends again. At the end of 1997 I went back to Malaysia and we haven't seen each other since. Thank god for Facebook for connecting us again!

So in December, she had a few nights in KL before her trip to Cameron, Penang and Langkawi so I dropped by her hotel after work. So within the hour plus we managed to catch up with what's been happening for the past 22 years!

She is now working and living in North Carolina and she is now a PROFESSOR! How amazing is that!

After coming back to Langkawi, she stopped by KL before her flight back to the US and we met up for lunch at Din Tai Fung. She loved Malaysia! She said it was beautiful and clean (I was surprised that this! but yeay!) and she loved the food.

It was so nice to meet up with old friends again! Thanks for getting in touch Lexi and I hope it's not another 20 years until we meet again!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

End of 2018

Happy new year everyone!!
Sorry for the lack of updates! I have so many posts in drafts but sigh, no time to type up!
Is blogging even relevant anymore? Most people are on YoutTube these days. But I do like to pen my thoughts and read them again after you know, kinda like a diary. So I guess I will keep writing when I have the time.

Anyways had 2 year end get-togethers with my Bangi peeps.

Sexy Bombshells

First were the SexyBombshells. We went to Koryo-Won for lunch. That place is officially our AGM venue coz we always seem to end up there. But it serves good food and not too crowded on a Friday lunch so that's a win for us. Everyone managed to turn up for our AGM except for Nadia who is in Denmark and Ally who was in London.

Had the gift-exchange (tak nak panggil Secret Santa, walaupon obviously it is sbb pakai santa hat bagai! :P)

Lynne was my Secret Santa and she got me Nars Climax Mascara which was on my wishlist. Thank you Lynne!

I had to get a present for Ann and she wanted mascara first and she told us in the group chat. So when I went out to get her present, I tried it on and like it and immediately put it on top of my wish list. So yeah me and Ann got the exact same thing (which we both wanted!)

Bimbotches x Ganyuts

The other dinner was with these girls + 1 boy. Basically Ann, Paris and I (and Nadia) are best friends from High School and Ann's sister and mine are best friends too. So we are all very close and essentially are in the same anyway.

Our dinner was at Zenzero and I had the pasta which was YUMMY!

We had gift exchange too and here are all our presents. Funny enough, I had to get a present for my own little sister and being the lazy, can't-be-bothered-to-add-to-the-wishlist person that she is, I had to think about what she wanted. Luckily, I remembered that she asked me about wanting some pyjamas so that's what I got for her! I added some stuff from Tarte and some sheet masks from Sephora too. The next day after I bought her stuff, she said in the group chat that she wanted an EXERCISE MATT (pulakkk!). I did consider returning the pyjamas and getting the matt but I also couldn't be bothered la. Good thing I didn't coz she loved the pyjamas. Oh I did mention that she wasn't even at the dinner. She planned a last minute trip to Langkawi with her family!

What did I get? A LULULEMON microfibre towel! wow sayang nak guna sbb LULULEMON :P

Anyways hope everyone had a good year in 2018. Mine was great Alhamdulillah and the highlight was my Umrah trip (that post is in Draft). I pray that everyone has a great and blessed year in 2019!

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