Sunday, 14 January 2018

2018 Birthday wish list

Not looking forward to turning 36 tomorrow! So to cheer myself up a bit let's see what I wish for my birthday!


Ultimate wishlist is this Dior handbag! But even the small one is around RM13k, I can't justify such purchase! I would love a WOC version in the same colour! But apparently that's not even out yet!

Muji Diffuser

I have been using essential oils and would love to start diffusing them too. But not sure if Kimi would like the smell though.

Diptyque Baies Candle

All time, no 1 fave candle scent ever!


I am running out of my current Nars concealer (in Custard).

White dUCk Satin Silk

Any white satin silk is perfect to be matched with outfits for weddings.

Thin sejadah

Loving this one from Naelofar. Thin sejadahs are perfect to bring for travelling.

Nice tops!

Can never have enough tops for work and weekends.

Calligraphy lessons

I always perasan that I have a nice handwriting and would love to learn calligraphy!

Make up classes

As you all know, I love make up and I always complain that I always do the same look. So I would love to learn other looks and also pick up neat make up tips and tricks.

So there you go. This year's list but really would love a little prayer from everyone for great health, lots of rezeki and happiness. Thank you!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Japan Day 5 - Kyoto

The last and final day, we went to Kyoto. There are actually many attractions in Kyoto but bearing in mind that we were travelling with kids and this was our last day, I really had to choose wisely on where to go in Kyoto. My word of advice is ONE DAY is NOT ENOUGH for Kyoto! So do try to spend at least 3 days here.

After discussing with an officemate who has been to Japan a few times, he suggested that we went to Southern Higashiyama area where the famous Fushimi Inara is. So from the train station we walked to Fushimi Inara.

We only walked around to the entrance of Fushimi Inara. We didn't do the full round tour as that would be long and tiring for the kids but I was happy enough to snap a few pictures of the famous red Shrine Gates.

Out of the many shrines in Kyoto, I chose Kiyomizu-dera as that was in the area. I read that the attractions in Kyoto are not that accessible via public transportation and it was suggested that we took a cab. So we took a cab from Fushimi Inara to Kiyomizu-dera which costed about JPY1000. Luckily we took the cab as we didn't have to hike up the hill from all the way down. The cab dropped us off around half way so we made the climb up to the shrine. The walk up was packed with people but it was nice to see the old Japanese streets. The area is very commercialised as it was lined up with souvenir shops but the it was still nice to see. Where Osaka is a modern city, Kyoto is your "kampung" (village).

Once we got up to the entrance, it was scorching hot and Kimi was pretty tired. So he sat down at the steps while I walked around the entrance compound taking pictures. The boys followed me and I just let them run around the area which they loved while throwing and playing with the small rocks.

Unfortunately they had renovation works when we were there. So instead of seeing this,

We saw this instead. 

We also opted not to enter the grounds as that would involve more walking and by this point (on our last day) our legs couldn't take it anymore! But I took loads of pictures here and it was enough for me.

Before leaving Kiyomizu-dera we found a restaurant where we had our late lunch eating soba and teriyaki eel with rice. Would you believe that this was our first time actually eating out in Japan. Other days, we either had McDonalds or food cooked from home and every night we cooked dinner ourselves. The boys were sick of our nasi goreng by then so they loved eating something different. 

After our late lunch, we headed to Gion. We only had about an hour of daylight left so we walked around the streets of Gion. I was hoping to see some Geisha but no luck. We did managed to find a street where there was a river running through it. It was so beautiful and apparently it was a pretty famous spot. A few friends commented that they had the exact same picture that I posted. 

It got dark around 5pm and we headed back to Namba. Unfortunately it was rush hour so we had to stand in the train. Luckily the boys were seated in their strollers. Luckily it was a direct train to Namba so we didn't have to change lines or trains anywhere.

Oh there was one thing I found very useful during my travels in Japan which was my iWatch! Using Google Maps from my phone to my destination, I then only need to look at my watch as it would show which stops I need to get off, which platform or direction to go. This saves me from having to hold on to my phone as it was all on my wrist! Super useful!

Google maps on iWatch

So there you go! Phew! I finally finished my Japan series. Hope you found it useful!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Day 4 - Universal Studios Japan (Don't bother going if you have kids under 6!)

Hello...let's continue my Japan travel blog!
Read Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 if you haven't!

Day 4 is USJ! Initially this wasn't on my itinerary at all but my sister in law said that we couldn't miss USJ. So at the last minute I bought the USJ tickets through Klook.

Upon reading blogs on USJ, it was highly recommended that we buy the express pass tickets coz the queues were long! Not wanting to waste time, I bought them. THEY WERE EXPENSIVE! I am essentially paying double for USJ. But what the heck, it's a holiday so just swipe! hehe

The Klook app was very useful because I could use the app itself to scan at the entry gates. As for the express pass tickets, we have specific time slots for Harry Potter and Flying Dinasour. Then we could pick and chose to use another 2 express pass for certain hot rides.

Express Pass - you need to choose one ride from each catagory

We took the train to USJ and arrived around 11am. The place was already packed!!

Here we go!

The rides that we aimed for were Jurassic Park, JAWS and Harry Potter. So we headed to Jurassic Park first where Kimi and Nazrin went in first. I stayed outside with Aaman who was due for his nap so I managed to him so sleep while waiting for the boys at Jurassic Park. Then after they finished it was MY TURN! YEAYY!! I am a huge fan of roller coasters so I was SUPER EXCITED! 

Jurassic Park ride
Using the Express Pass really saves time! So at this point I was very happy that we bought them!

We grabbed some lunch near the Jaws area and to our dismay, JAWS ride was shut for the day! I was super disappointed as this was the ride we looked forward to which Aaman could go on as well. So then we proceeded to Harry Potter World.

A pic with Jaws

We are not major Harry Potter fans, but it was still magical to walk and enter into Harry Potter's world. Prior to our Japan trip we even got Nazrin to watch the movie so that he would get excited. So by the time we got to the Harry Potter world, we knew that he wanted to get a wand.


I couldn't miss out on buying some butterbeer which is essentially ice cream soda with caramel sauce. It was super yummy but a tad too sweet. Our designated time for the Harry Potter ride was at 2.30pm so we started to get in line using the Express Pass. Here is where it went downhill from there on. NAZRIN WAS NOT TALL ENOUGH FOR THE RIDE! I couldn't believe it! He was short by a few inches. By then we were so disappointed and obviously I couldn't go for the ride and ditch the rest of the family! Kimi wasn't keen on the rides anyway. So off we went to distract Nazrin and told him about the Terminator ride. Prior to leaving the Harry Potter world, he bought the illuminating wand and he was happy! PHEW!

My Harry!

When they went for the Terminator ride, I tried taking Aaaman for the 4D Sesame Street show. That didn't last long as he started crying a few minutes after it started. We waited for an hour for Kimi and Nazrin to return. Apparently, even with the Express Pass they still had to wait for a long time for the ride. We also had one designated time slot for the Flying Dinasour which is a roller coaster which looked AWESOME! But that was for 5.30pm and everyone was knackered already. So in the end I only used 1 Express Pass out of 4. BOO!! I really wanted to go on more rides but it was impossible with kids around. I should have only bought 2 (1 Adult 1 Child) Express Passes instead of 3 (2 Adults 1 Child) as Kimi and I could use one pass between the 2 of us.

So there you go, our trip to USJ which costed us so much! But eventhough it was expensive and I didn't get to ride the roller coasters, the kids still had a nice time! So that's what matters most. Here's the video of our day at USJ! Enjoy!

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Last Friday schenanigans

Last Friday (21/12/17) :

Waited nervously in the morning for one last piece of document to arrive in my inbox to complete my Project of the year. It finally came it at 11.30! I could then enjoy the rest of the day. 

Went to Laduree for lunch and had the steak! I was so good! So nice and tender and perfectly seasoned! Also had the ispahan (name of the dessert). That was yummy too!

Add caption

After lunch it was Townhall Session with the Chairman and CEO. I believe PNB is in good hands with them. Clear cut goals on what we want to achieve each year and how to achieve them. I think the whole of PNB has worked so hard this year. December has never been this crazy! The carpark is always quite full even past 7pm the last few weeks. Everyone working hard to meet their KPI’s. The CEO went through our achievements and gave us a review of the year and after that it was awards time. I will have to wait another 2 years before going on stage for my 10 years awards! The only award I have a chance at. Happy to see friends and collegues whom I know have been working late this year to receive their Leadership Awards! 

2017 Review

With our Chairman
With CEO 

Finally my Friday ended with a dinner with our contractor. It was nice to celebrate the year with them and we look forward to completing the project together successfully! Adibah Noor was the emcee and she is always great at making the event a laid back, chilled one. I left early though as the boys were waiting at home! 

Phew what a Friday!

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

November Haul from Cultbeauty

I have finally made my first purchase on Cultbeauty! It was free shipping on any Hudabeauty items (no min spend) that pushed it for me. So then my Pixi toner ran out so I stocked up on that.

I was super upset with deciem (the main seller of The Ordinary) when they changed the free shipping rule from USD35 to USD250 worldwide. So I was happy when I saw that Cultbeauty also sell The Ordinary and they also had the foundation in my colour in stock!

Cultbeauty Haul

The online transaction was easy and fast! Additionally, they also deduct the VAT if you're purchasing from overseas!

Here is the Hudabeauty Mauve Obsession Pallette. That middle most left shadow in rose gold is so pretty! In all honestly, I am unsure on how to use and put these colours together. But after trying, it wasn't soo bad. I can still do pretty neutral looks without looking like I've got red eyeshadows on!

Here is my first attempt!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Japan Day 3 - Denden Town and Dotonbori

After a full day at the circuit, we had a late start on the following day.

We decided to check out Denden town which is a toy heaven for the boys (namely Appa and Nazrin) and to walk to Dotonbori.

Check out our day in this video!

As it turns out Denden town was nearby our place. All we had to do was walk straight from the main street of the apartment. The boys were looking for some toys/figurines.

Honestly, mummy was pretty bored out of her mind and can't wait to do some proper shopping! Nazrin bought a samurai figurine with 3 samurais.

After Denden town we walked to Dotonbori! This is the street food area, famous for its colourful 3D signs. Kimi lined up to get some crab for us and OMG it was soo good! So juicy and sweet! We just had lunch just before we got there. Otherwise I would have loved to eat the Crab lunch set! We also lined up to get the Takoyaki which was yummy!

Then we finally arrived at the Glico man and I took the customary Glico Man pose!

Here is a shot of the Glico Man at night. I went out one night after the kids fell asleep especially to take this night shot!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

October Haul from Japan

You want to see what I bought??? Wheeee...

1. Stationaries

I am a sucker for stationaries! Stationaries can get me excited! So I wanted to get Frixion pens (erasable pens) and a stapleless stapler (!).

Most of the stationaries were bought at Family Mart except for some Muji stuff which I bought at the airport!

I tell you this picture below...makes me smile! hehe

2. Food

Japan's idea of souvenirs were mostly food. They are famous for their banana cakes beautifully individually packaged in wrapped boxes.

Tokyo Banana is famous and yummy. This I bought at the airport on the way back.

The Osaka Banana Cake is the Osaka version and is no where as nice.

You gotta buy some mochi too! These were soft and yummy! I liked the pink one best.

3. Beauty

I had 2 things in mind which were Haku Hodo brushes and LUSH (coz we can't get this in Malaysia).
I googled these two and were happy to see they have branches in Osaka. After walking around Osaka (Day 3) I went to search for my brush. Luckily it was easy to find and I had to choose quickly as I left the boys and Appa outside the department store. 

I picked up a retractable blush brush which was JPY3456 (around RM127). The bristles were made of goat hair and it is so soft! I see what the hype is all about!

After seeing the Glico man, I looked over the bridge and I saw LUSH. So I quickly went in to grab a shower gel. 

My last beauty haul is this flower foam facial cleanser! This is such a social-media-made-me-buy-this item! Actually all the stuff I bought were influences from social media!

In all honesty, I don't use this much but seeing the rose shaped foam is SO COOL! LOL
Actually the streets of Japan were full of Drugstores selling so many beauty items like sheet masks and all sorts. I don't even know where to start that I even googled "Beauty items must buy in Japan" but I stopped myself (phew!) coz I really didn't want to add any more to my piles of beauty and make up! Was there anything else that you think I should have gotten though?

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