Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Make up haul Aug 2017

I have been wanting to use up my Sephora points and last time, I had my eye on the Too Faced kit but I took too long to grab it and it was fully redeemed. When I saw the Tarte Clay kit, I wanted it especially when my friends raved about the 12 hour blusher. So I dropped that in my cart but obviously I had to make a purchase and of course it had to be more than RM80 to enjoy the free shipping! But then again, when you were late night shopping, I just started adding more stuff :p

Only wanted this

Ended up spending RM250 
So here is my haul! Bought another blending brush, coz my eyeshadow always stop short of the eyelid. Need to go further up! Also wanted to try the tattoo liner by Kat Von D and loving it so far. One can never have too many travel sized mascaras! (I've got about 3 at the moment). Lastly, I wanted to try the veil primer from Hourglass as supposedly it's great for oily skin!

Here is the full Tarte Clay Kit.

Have you bought anything lately??

Monday, 21 August 2017

Sheila Majid Concert - a night out with mummy!

I remembered when I was small, Sheila Majid performed at Kuala Kangsar and I really wanted to go. At the time I was still in primary school so obviously I couldn't go. I have always been a fan of hers and have always dreamed about seeing her live. Even when I was back in the UK, I loved listening and singing to her songs. 

When I saw that she was finally performing in her own country, I knew that THIS IS IT! I HAVE TO GO! So I managed to get 2 tickets. I invited my sister (remember the last concert that we went to?) but she didn't really want to go but she told me that Mummy really teringin so I invited my Mummy along!

On the day of the concert, Mummy and I decided to take the MRT to Stadium Negara so I didn't have to think about parking. So for the first time, off we went to ride the MRT.

Waiting for our ride
I parked the car at Kajang Station which has a 4 storey multi level carpark. The whole journey took 42 minutes from Kajang Station and I couldn't help but feel proud. The MRT was on time and efficient and the stations looked modern with great connectivity to other public transport. We disembarked at the Merdeka Station and the station was directly in front of the concert venue!

Outside the Stadium

At our seat
In short, the concert was amazing! Her voice was still so good at 52 years old! She covered songs from the early days all the way to her current album Boneka. Her band was so good as well, but unfortunately our seats were to the very left of the stage. So our view was limited and we couldn't see the band. We also missed out on the great lighting too but it's ok coz we really just wanted to hear her voice LIVE! I also loved how she interacted with the audience. Telling us stories that lies behind a particular song. She shared how she struggled to put her last album together where she rejected songs from so many song writers. However when she met Toh Pati (an Indonesian songwriter), she asked for some songs to which he replied "Yes you already rejected them!". So he sent her more songs which most of it was featured in her Boneka album. Toh Pati was there to perform with her along with her husband who played the piano.  I have to admit though that I love her slow songs better than the rancak ones. 

The great singer herself

Sheila Majid
Mummy and I danced to a few songs during the concert and I obviously sang my heart out when Dia and Antara Anyer dan Jakarta came out! However, I forgot to check when the last train to go back was so after 11pm I told Mummy that we had to make a move. So we missed out on a few songs at the end, but it was enough. I was a GREAT concert and Mummy and I had a wonderful time! 

Friday, 4 August 2017

Naked Heat always out of stock I had to find an alternative!

The new Naked Heat has been out of stock in Sephora. I tried KLCC and Avenue K and so far no luck!

But actually when I look at the palette, the 2 colours that I am drawn to is Dirty Talk and Scorched. Love the orange, bronzy hues and the glitter in these two shades.

So then I went for a search of a dupe on these two shades. After browsing around I found something similar! Yeayyy!!

This is Fireball S09 from NYX. I think it's a nice mix between the 2 shades so it's close enough!

It retails for RM35 so it's super cheap. The formulation is good as well as it is smooth and velvety. What a great saving and I am super proud of myself for this purchase instead of spending RM230 for a whole palette!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Genting Premium Outlet Haul

After our lunch at Burger & Lobster at Sky Avenue, we went down Genting and headed to the newly opened Genting Premium Outlet (GPO). It was as if, we had lunch in London and then went to Bicester for shopping!

Getting there:

The place was a mere half an hour away from KL and it's midway between the bottom of Genting and Sky Avenue (ie the top). So it's a great alternative to going to JPO, tauted as the best Factory Outlet in Malaysia.

The shops:

There are Kate Spade, Micheal Kors and Coach to satisfy your handbag needs. Kate Spade and Micheal Kors had additional discount offers which were awesome. I ended up buying from both of these stores. However I noted that there are still a few stores which are not yet opened. There was no GAP or Ralph Lauren kids. In terms of clothes for kids they had Cotton On kids and Poney. You can check out the full list of stores here.

The Haul:

So what did I get? First I got these sunnies from Micheal Kors and I bought them for RM173.50 which was a STEAL. This had an additional 15% on top of the discount off the retail price! MK's offer was great has you didn't have to buy more than one items to get the additional discount.

I bought new slippers (ala Fit Flops) from Clarks. Hopefully these will last longer than my Fit Flops!

Lastly we went back to Kate Spade for the birthday to get her birthday bag. There was an offer of additional 15% off for items on 30% off retail price (effectively 40% off). I almost got myself another handbag but thankfully I didn't. I actually really needed a new phone casing but they mostly had iPhone 7 ones. However after trying it, it fits my current phone so I got it! Love my new casing as it matches the rose gold hue perfectly!

So overall we had a wonderful time shopping at GPO! Would definitely go again when all the shops are open. I saw that Hamleys, Ted Baker and TODs are due to open soon! I think I'll go again and bring Mummy next time. She merajuk a bit when she saw that I went without her :p

Monday, 31 July 2017

Review - Burger & Lobster, Sky Avenue Genting

Everytime someone I know goes to London, they would for sure post a pic of their meal at Burger & Lobster ("B&L"). So when I found out that they have opened a branch in Malaysia, I knew I had to go! I am dying to try the famous lobster roll!

Since it's Natte's birthday, I suggested that we go up to Genting for lunch and then shop at the newly opened GPO after. We even took the day off for our roadtrip!

Getting there:

B&L is in Sky Avenue, so basically you drive up towards the top and park at P4. I wasn't sure where to park so had to go around twice! The parking level starts at 16 and goes down to 9 (which is the exit to KL). There are plenty of parking towards the bottom, so no worries! Once parked you want to exit the parking area and heads toward the "Taman Tema" door. From there follow the signage to Sky Avenue. Basically Sky Avenue is the new mall in Genting. B&L is on the 1st Floor.

The menu and prices

The price of the meals are fixed. So that's easier! The menu below states the price if you are a Genting member/ normal price.

The menu

I ordered The Original lobster roll and it was SOOO good! I have tried the one at BLVD and the lobster at B&L is more juicier and tasty. The toasted brioche roll is really something special! I am getting hungry just writing this up. Natte ordered the Chili Lobster (think Chili Crab but with lobster instead) which she loved but I preferred the normal Chili Crab sauce. I would recommend that you order the Original Lobster and the Original Roll if you come here!

The service:

We went on a weekday so no queues and were seated immediately. The food came super fast however some of the waiters are not great english speakers. We had to repeat thing a few times to them. But they were helpful and gave us great service.

Overall, I loved the food and would love to go again to order the Original lobster next time!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Eid Makeup - #motd

Just wanted to share my make up tools and look during Raya recently.

These are my staples these days;

  1. Benefit Porefessional
  2. MAC Sudio Fix NC40
  3. Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard
  4. ABH Mario Master Pallete
  5. Huda Beauty Matte Lip in Ikon
  6. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara
  7. Too Faced Papa Don't Peach blusher

So here's the look. Nothing different! Same ol' same ol' :p

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Review - Breena Beauty Reviews : Velvetcreme and Blending Pearl

I was super excited when I found out that Breena Beauty has created their own blending sponge called the Blending Pearl! So I definately snapped one up! I also added one of their Velvet Creme (liquid matte lippy) to the cart in Macaroon.

Breena Beauty Haul

Love the packaging

1. Velvet Creme in Macaroon

I was super impressed with the formulation. It was nicely scented (kinda like candy-ish but mild) and definitely not drying on the lips. Long lasting on the lips too. I was compare this very close to my fave Huda beauty matte lippy! I can't believe a local brand achieve this kind of quality and more over I am proud to claim that I know the owner, a fellow blogger - Sabrina Tajudin. I have purchased another brand of matte liquid lip, this one was under one of the famous Malaysian Make Up artist and I DID NOT like it. It was drying, tasted a bit like paint and was a pain to take off. I used it once and never used it again.

Left - Huda in Ikon
Right - Breena Beauty Velvet Creme in Macaroon

I am sorry to report that Macaroon is out of stock though.

2. Blending Pearl

Another great product! I have to hand it to Sabrina on the quality of her products. I compared this against the Real Techniques and the Blending Pearl WON HANDS DOWN!
It is recommended that the sponge is damp for a flawless application.

Before wetting the sponges
Left - RT
Right - Blending Pearl
Once dampened, the sponges at least double in size.

Damp sponges

The Blending Pearl has very small "holes" (at a lack of describing it) which gives the more flawless look upon foundation application.

Blending Pearl texture - smaller holes
Where as the RT sponge has bigger holes. Therefore with the RT, you will need to blend more.

RT texture

Here is my look upon using the Blending Pearl for foundation! LOVE IT!

The prices for the items are;

Velvet Creme - RM39 
Blending Pearl - RM35

Buy them from HERE
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