Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Phantom of the Opera in KL

I finally got to see Phantom of the Opera and can cross this off my bucket list!!
I have always LOVED musicals and theaters and had Phantom along with Les Mis on my list to watch. When I heard that they will be performing in KL I convinced Natte (who else?! hehe) to have a date with me and she agreed! We bought the tickets way in advanced as the show is in July while we bought them in December.

When the day of the show finally came, we both got glammed up at the office and headed out for our date!

Thanks Natte for accompanying me!!

We had pretty good seats! So glad we splurged and bought these tickets.

I went in only knowing the gist of the story line. I should have bought the program book but didn't. Overall it wasn't my favourite one, but it ceases to amaze me how a theater production comes together and come to live. The live music from x many piece orchestra together with the multiple octaves of notes sang by the actors and actresses. The Phantom though, he was definitely something, his deep voice is hauntingly good! So I truly enjoyed it !! Hope to see another show soon and hopefully the tickets aren't too expensive. Being more "cultured" is burning a hole in my pocket!

Monday, 1 July 2019

Althea x A’Bloom

A'Bloom recently released their masks, make up sponges and blackhead blaster on Althea online.
I have recently received this box of goodies from Althea through The Butterfly Project. Thanks Butterfly Project!

They have 4 types of mask and they have been named by our mamasan Tammy Lim! Each type addresses 4 different concerns:

  1. Sparkle-Me-Bright - for brightening
  2. Ac-Me-Peach - for acne
  3. Avo-Cuddle-Me - for nourishing
  4. Water-Me-Long - for moisturising

I tried the brightening mask and my verdict is..i love it!! the masks were dripping with essence and i love how soft and almost gel like the mask sheets are.

They are currently on sale at RM18.00 for a pack of 10 so you better snap them up real quick!!

A'Bloom is also selling make up sponges and they are super cute in the shape of meringues!
However they are slightly a bit dense and not as bouncy as other beauty sponges. The littles ones can be used for under eye area but I felt like that shape although they are super cute, it's not the most practical. It's a bit squashed so it's kinda a bit hard to grip for blending.

RM11 (big) RM15 (3 x small)

Their last item is their BHA Blackhead Blaster stick. This stick helps to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads and clean your face from trapped dirt and oil. It is super easy to use where you just apply it on your face and the massage in circular motion. My face did feel clean and smooth so it has certainly removed the blackheads and whiteheads successfully! It's a painless way to get rid of blackheads and white heads.


So will you be trying any of these out?? I would totally recommend getting the masks though! Super cheap and super good! Head over to now!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Bimbo Dina!

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Raya 2019 outfits

Day 1 - Due to last minute changes in colours, in order to match the boys this was the only baju that really goes together. The most simplest one but it was so damn comfortable. WIN!

Day 2 - Bought this @jubahsouq during one of the sales on @fashionvaletcom , added border lace to the sleeves which made it look really nice. 

Day 3 - Top from @larneyofficial bought on sale again. Love the beadings! 

How was your raya?? How many raya outfits did you have?
I had about......EIGHT! hahaha

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Weekend in Tiarasa Escapes

It was kakak's birthday weekend and at the last minute, she suggested that we all go to Tiarasa for the weekend. I was super excited to go glamping again!

We all joined them on Saturday noon but everyone else actually checked in on Friday. Loved the beautiful tents and their swimming pool was just perfect. Not too deep so we could watch the kids from the side. There is a small stream by the side of the campsite and it was great for kids too. They loved playing in the river and the pool!

The Stream

The Pool

Konti (Kakak's husband) organised a party/celebration during lunch. The package was inclusive of balloons, decorations, cake and food. Usually the party organised by Tiarasa would be done as tea and the food provided were kuih muih and goreng pisang etc. As ours was earlier, we ordered lunch from the Ala Carte menu.

Happy Birthday Kakak!
We had dinner at the restaurant and luckily we ordered early. They were understaffed, we had early dinner but the people who came after had to wait for tables which were limited. They pre-ordered too but none of it were made! But the food was yummy and reasonably priced.

Breakfast fruits

Nasi Lemak was so good!

Then we headed for the Bon Fire area. We waited ages for the fire to be lit (short staffed) and when they finally came with the marshmallows we were slightly disappointed to see the marshmallows were all sticky and they only brought one packet.

Bon Fire

Later that night, they played a movie under the stars. Nazrin really wanted to eat popcorn, so after Aaman and Kimi fell asleep, I took him. They showed The Greatest Show and we watched it while waited for the popcorn. Nazrin fell asleep waiting and I really cannot carry him back to our tent, so as soon as he had some popcorn, we went back.

As much as I loved the room, for some reason I couldn't fall asleep. Maybe because our tent was on the hill and slightly far away from everyone else. I just couldn't sleep. No ghosts or anything but I just feel "tak tenang". So I think this is the last time for glamping for me. Give me a hotel next time please!

Overall we all had a wonderful time and Kakak loved her party there. The kids had so much fun at the pool and the river. The food was great but we could see they were so under staffed. The same guy was at the restaurant, lighting the bon fire, setting up the outdoor cinema and making the popcorn. Poor guy! So they definitely need to address that but otherwise it was great. However, I don't think I'll be glamping for a while. I just can't sleep!!

Monday, 1 April 2019

Skincare Overhaul - Dior Capture Youth

I have been suffering from terrible breakouts on my chin area for the past 6 months. Bumpy pimples, one after another around the jawline. It was annoying and so stressful!

I tried changing skincare back to Dermalogica and it was clearing up but then after a facial session at Aster, it started again. So a few weeks back I went back to my facial at Prinz and did the silkpeel treatment. It has been about 2 months since my last facial (busy season with audit and all) so the extraction was painful (it was an hour long) but oh-so satisfying! Turns out, the pimples kept on appearing as they we all underneath the skin. The beautician had to squeeze them all out and in the end, they were so many whiteheads she collected on a tissue. I took a picture of it but that would be too disgusting to put here.

The next day, I was in KLCC to buy a new compact powder. I had a card from Dior where I would get 3 piece deluxe samples at my next purchase so I thought I would check out their compact. I was attended by a Sales Assistant called Grace. She then ended up giving me a mini facial where she started off with a 1-minute scrub. Then she introduced me to their new skincare range "Capture Youth". Her facial included a face massage where she massages the products in. After the facial my face was instantly more plump (less obvious acne scars), smaller pores and looks so fresh.

Bare faced after facial
As I had a birthday lunch, she touched up my face and I love the simple look she did.

Simple make up
I bought the compact powder but came away with so many samples!

So many samples!

After using the sample serums and moisturiser, my face was so much calmer. The big huge zits stopped coming back (probably also due to the facial) and my face significantly less oily. I ended up going back to Grace to get the moisturiser! The set came with a few deluxe size samples and Grace gave so many samples again!

Bought the moisturiser set

Then for the 3rd time in 3 weeks, I went back again to see Grace. I insisted to wait for her as she was attending another customer but I didn't want anyone else! I finally decided to get the serum too plus Dior was raising their prices to include Sales Tax so I had to get the before April. Grace managed to convince me to get the sunscreen too (I nearly finished mine!) which came with a cleanser, toner, serum set! So there you go, I got my full skincare set from Dior!

I guess one of the main reasons I kept coming back was their customer service (Grace is awesome) and the generous free samples also were a plus! I have also booked a facial with Grace this week, so I can't wait! I told Grace, please don't make me buy another thing from you. She said I've got everything I need already so she won't let me! Hehe Well I hope this new skincare will show great results! So far so good!

Sunday, 24 March 2019

SPM 1999 - Best student!

It was my school's 25th year reunion. I would have loved to attend but way away over the weekend.
I have been told that my name is inside the school hall so yesterday at the 25th year Jubilee celebration dinner I got a friend to snap a picture of it.

Sekolah Menengah Jalan Tiga Bandar Baru Bangi. 

Thank you for being the stepping stone to help me to get to where I am today!

Can you spot my name?

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