Monday, 5 December 2016

Diana's baby shower

Time has been flying past to fast this year hasn't it? Before we knew it, our Diana will be popping her second baby soon (she's due in Jan). This time around her hubby took the wheels and organised the whole thing! As usual he only wants the best and he loves spoiling her big baby (as he calls her) and so he worked with Mint Events for this party. Although the theme was the same as her birthday dinner (read about it all here), Mint Events took it to another level with her baby shower!

We walked into the clubhouse and saw the beautiful set tables, dessert table and cake. It was only a bit later that I realised the custom made columns for the backdrop of the dessert table, complete with "Diana's Baby Shower" in gold letters. That was INSANE!!

The table setting was just as gorgeous! The tables were lined up with white flowers and lit candles.

The scrumptious dessert table was delicous too!

The shower was graced by Diana's dearest friends. I am so glad that we all could make it to her special day (except for Ikmal).

I was in charge of the games and we played 3 games. I have been given instructions to organise FUN and NEW games! The games were;
  1. Pain or P*rn
  2. How babies are made
  3. Mummy needs to Pee!
The first game was you had to guess from a series of pictures whether it's of a woman in labour or in the latter. We played this game before so I had to literally make a fresh new set of pictures this time. I tell you, my eyes were hurting having to pic go through those pictures!!! Then when we played the game, I made people call out their answers but after the 3rd pic, we had to refrain from saying P*rn as Diana's girl was also shouting out loud P*RN!! HAHAHAHA!!

I got the other baby shower ideas from here.

Playing Mummy needs to Pee!
As for the gift, I ordered the toiletries set from I love their range of organic, baby safe toiletries. So I asked my aunt at Hanna Petals to put together a flower basket and I know how much Dee loves flowers. My sister included her stuff as well in the basket.

Gift basket

My dearest Diana,

All the best with the new baby. We cannot wait for the arrival for your new goddess. I hope that you have a safe delivery and will welcome you to the Mother of Two club! Love you loads Dee!

Friday, 2 December 2016

Sembunyi Spa thanks to The Entertainer

One of the perks of joining the Butterfly Project is getting free stuff! So I was very lucky to be sent a book of vouchers from the Entertainer. This book is published yearly and it has so many Buy One Get One Free offers for dining, entertainment and spas. It also has hotel offers too!

The book

The voucher expires at the end of each year, so I wanted to utilise one of the spa treatments at half price.

The vouchers

I chose Sembunyi Spa at Cyberview and invited my sister to come along (and pay for the other half!).
The last time I was here was before my wedding back in 2010 and remembered how good the massage was.

We went for the Maha Brata treatment which is for a scrub and massage. The spa has other facilities such as Jacuzzi, Steam and Sauna which you can enjoy before and after your treatment. I went into the jacuzzi which overlooks the man made lake with a very picturesque view.

The therepist was gentle yet firm and very attentive! My sister thought they were very thorough. massaging every inch of her body. I dozed off so I couldn't quite remember! Sembunyi Spa is definitely still my favourite SPA and i got to enjoy it at half price! SCORE!!

Happy faces after our massage!

Other vouchers that I enjoyed at Buy One Get One Free were as follows:

*Free one dozen donuts at Krispy Kreme

*A San Francisco coffee just opened in front of my office so I used all my BOGOF free coffee!!

*I also purchased a "Skin Health" treatment at my local Aster Spring.

Sample voucher :p

Redeeming the vouchers were easy peasy. Just present the vouchers upon payment for coffee, donuts etc. However for treatments, it's best to mention the voucher upon booking. No problems so far with redeeming!

So far I have saved RM305.50 which is detailed below.

Item Normal Price Savings
SF Coffee                        39.00          19.50
Krispy Kreme                        23.20          11.60
Aster Spring                      252.00        126.00
Sembunyi Spa                      296.80        148.40
 TOTAL         305.50

I still have vouchers from Chatime, juiceworks and so many more that I will try to use up before the year end!

The Entertainer 2017 is already out so you can get your now at RM75 (this is on OFFER as it's usually RM145)!! Better to get it early so you have a FULL year to enjoy all the discounts.

They also have the app so that it's much easier for you to redeem. No need to lug around the vouchers!! The app also includes the Entertainer Travel with 300 hotels worldwide savings.

Do check out more on their Facebook page! the Entertainer (facebook) and website!


Wednesday, 30 November 2016

n1co Rosberg is the World Champion

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you would have read my post about Nico Rosberg and how he was so kind to sign my cap after I called out to him so many times during the KLCC signing.

So last weekend was the last race of the season and it was neck-to-neck between Rosberg and Hamilton. With Hamilton winning the last 3 races, it was going to a close one. After qualifying, HAM was in Pole position which meant that ROS had to finish at least third to come away as the World Champion.

The race started off as expected, HAM had a good start and ROS maintained his P2. However in the at lap 20, ROS who had dropped to 3rd was instructed to overtake Max Verstappen. Verstappen is a pretty agressive kid, so anything could happen. But ROS overtook him easily and with no mistakes. PHEW! Then Vettel who had changed to fresher tyres was catching up. Meanwhile HAM started to slow down in the hope of backing ROS into the rest! The last few laps were gut wrenching! Mercedes even told HAM to speed it up TWICE (as Vettel was catching up) but he IGNORED the instructions from Toto and told them to "Let us race". In the last lap, Vettel tried to overtake Rosberg but ROS was having none of it! He defended well and finished 2nd and became the WORLD CHAMPION.

4 laps remaining and you can see how close everyone is to each other!

The whole Lewis ignoring the instruction has been making headlines. Personally I think it made the race a very interesting, gut wrenching, nerve wrecking one! I am just glad that his "dirty tricks" did not pay off for Lewis. I have also been reading so many articles doubting it NICO is a deserving WC since they kept saying how Lewis' car have failed him and that's the only reason Lewis lost this year's championship. But honestly, Nico is a great driver, a very committed one and he was been working HARD to win and I am so happy that he finally WON! He has always been such a nice person, a driver who loves his fans and I am proud to say that I am one of his fans!


Also do you remember my blurry selfie with Nico??
My sister who works at Petronas was invited for the World Championship celebrations yesterday and the lucky girl managed to get a CLEAR selfie with NICO. I am jealous beyond words!!

Now the season is over so we all have to wait another 4 months! But next year should be very interesting as rules have changed so it'll be interesting to see who will come up with the best car. Apparently they are bringing back the noisy engines too!!! Whheeeeee....

So no more F1 blogposts until next year!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Happy first birthday Aaman

I was over the moon when I found out that I was pregnant again. And then you came into the world, this time last year and you have brought so much joy to our lives since.

I love how your face lights up when you see me when the time for the rest of your day you have that expressionless look on you face. 
I love how to always look for me the moment you open your eyes (and start crying when I'm not there and even louder when Appa tries to soothe you)
I love feeding you and enjoy our bonding sessions, even though you like to pinch me while you nurse
I love how you simple roll away when you've had enough milk and want to sleep
I love every single thing about you that my heart feels like it's bursting from loving you and your brother so much.

You have grown so quickly, I am already chasing you around the house. I pray that you grow up to be a good boy and a good muslim. I hope that I am good enough mother to you and your brother, but do know that I love you so much! 

Happy 1st birthday my baby bear 

Monday, 31 October 2016

Review - First ever Charlotte Tilbury purchase!

I was browsing on my instagram one night and stumbled across a MUA's account who was currently in the UK and he was taking orders for Charlotte Tilbury. So I quickly DM'ed him and transferred the money and when I arrived to work this morning my parcel was waiting for me on the table.

I ordered the Matte Revolution Mini Lipstick Charms. I figured it was the best and cheapest way to sample their coveted lipstick. They are GBP29 but I paid RM165 + RM8 (postage) so the mark up was about RM20. But CT is not available here so I guess that's fair.

Mini lipstick charms
So when it's called MINI it really is a MINI! I was shocked and disappointed to see how little they were!

They came in 3 colours Amazing Grace, Red Carpet Red and Very Victoria

Now let's talk about the formulation. I tried it on and OMG it glides on so creamily! It's no wonder these lipsticks are sooo famous! They go on cream but dry matte! I absolutely love it! I am now kicking myself not buying more! Oh how I would love to go back to the UK and do a make up shopping spree at Charlotte Tilbury!!

Ok next up is HUDA liquid matte -  so stay tuned for the review!

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Warwick Reunion at Dharmini's wedding

When I was studying in Warwick, every year we staged the Warwick Malaysian Night and with that we also performed the Dikir Barat. We have always thought (and still think) that we have the best Dikir team. Precise movements, synchronized claps and military style training (a lot of screaming to get those moves perfected). It was during these dikir practices that each batch would bond and we became so close. And we all bonded no matter what race we were, we were just all Malaysians. This is when I became close to my Chinese and Indian Malaysian friends. This picture below was taken back in 2003, our first year at Warwick and our first Malaysia night.

Fast forward 11 years later, I was delighted and touched when Dharmini suddenly contacted me to invite me to her wedding. I was so excited to go and have a lil mini Warwick reunion.

I was also very excited to witness the Indian wedding ceremony. So that day, coincidentally I had a few errands to do so in the evening I went to the temple to witness the ceremony.

There were so many things that was done during the ceremony that the whole thing took about 3 hours. Here is a summary that was provided to us so that we could understand.


A few of the girls, her closest friend in Warwick were the bridesmaid. It was so cute seeing Chinese girls in Sarees! Here is the Warwick gang at the ceremony.

The reception was held at Royale Chulan on the Saturday night. There were 2 tables of Warwick alumnis and Dharmini even mentioned us in her speech. Especially for Chris and Vidya who came back from the UK especially for the wedding. There were a few people who are working in Singapore now so they came back as well.

Top : With Vidya
Bottom L : With Safa
Bottom R : With Levin
The wedding was pretty laid back. 10 course delicious Chinese dinner accompanied by video montages of the ceremonies (India and Buddhist), video speeches from people who could not attend and even a music video  of JT's song "Can't Stop the Feeling" where we couldn't believe that Dhar danced!

Kiss from the Groom to the Bride
So shy on the forehead only!
Safa was my plus one for the night. Both our husbands couldn't make it so we ran solo that night!
Safa was my housemate for 2 years back in Warwick and we go all the way back from college times!

Of course we had to take a Warwick pic, complete with Dikir Barat moves! We really need to sort out a proper gathering coz there are so many people in our batch!

Warwick Dikir Barat team

It was such a great night to see everyone again! Thank you so much Dhar for inviting me and congratulations on your wedding!

Warwick University
Class of 2005

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Review - Bourjois Souffle de Velvet Matte Lip

Hello hello!

Things have been pretty manic at work so haven't had the chance to update since the F1 weekend!
Anyhoo, today I wanted to share with you a new matte lippy from Bourjois!


For days when I can't quite be bothered for a full face make up, a red lippy goes a long way to give you a fresh look. Here I just applied foundation, eyeliner and the new souffle de velvet matte liquid lipstick!

Red matte lips
This is in the colour 07 Plum plum pidou. I love that this is sheer matte. So if you don't want to stand out so much, you can blend it so that it's not super bright red. It is also does not dry your lips! The dofur application is also nice and soft.

07 Plum

Top : Blended so it looks sheer
Bottom : Bright colour

Another plus is taking it off. I hate it when I am trying with all my might to take off the matte liquid lipstick but it's like a layer of paint that needed to be stripped off. With this one, all I needed was a dry tissue! 

You can get yours at Watsons for RM42.80, available in 8 beautiful colours!

Special thanks to The Butterfly Project for the hook up!

* Product courtesy of Bourjois Malaysia but all opinions are of my own.
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