Monday, 12 November 2018

Just one of dem days!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Sticks Guide Review

After our first jungle trekking adventure at Sg Chilling, I have been wanting to go again. I found that being in the forest is really calming and peaceful. This time we decided to go Glamping and booked a Tendok (tent+pondok) at The Sticks which is a mere 400 metres from Sg. Chilling. It is around 45 minutes away from KL.

After parking at the guarded parking area, we had to take a walk to The Sticks. We even had to cross a bridge to the other side to get to the main accommodation area.

Our tendok was cozy where it fitted a double bed and an extra single mattress.

Our beds

It was situated next to the river so the sound of the water from the river was soothing (at first). Unfortunately, for some reason I couldn't sleep that night. It's not like I saw "anything" but I suspect the sound of the river was actually too loud for my liking, so I didn't get much sleep that night.

Our Tendok (from the outside)

But most important of all, the shower had HOT WATER! This was perfect after being in the cold river water!

Our bathroom

We even had our own area to swim with stairs directly from our Tendok. But the area looked very deep so we didn't dare bring the kids there.

Private area

The Sticks had its own private section of the river. The depth of the river was perfect for kids as it was shallow.

We brought our own floats but they also provided tubes which you could use. We brought a rope too so that we could tie up the floats and tubes while the kids were on them which we found very useful.

The water could get pretty cold though. We played in the water on the day of arrival after 5pm and with no sun around, it was very chilly! The kid's teeth were chattering and their lips turned blue. The next morning, we only went in after 10ish and when the sun was beaming, then it was nice to be in the water. The kids had so much fun playing in the river and I had so much fun too flowing down the river in the float.

Floating down the river

A family photo 

The price at The Sticks were inclusive of meals. We had french toast and pisang goreng for tea.


A bbq with assorted meats for dinner.


An English breakfast! Food were plentiful and we never got the chance to eat any of the extra food we brought!


Lunch was served before we left and again, we were fed to the brim!


Hot drinks and water were provided free of charge. They had soft drinks and other drinks too available for purchase. The dining area was nice with hammocks you could chill in and we had our own designated tables. They even had toys for the kids to play with.

Dining and relax area
Coincidently a friend of mine, Ray from university was also there with his family. His wife Farah was also in Edinburgh where Kimi studies so they knew each other too. What a small world indeed! Our kids had a nice time playing together at breakfast and we all had a nice walk around the compound looking at local fruits and trees.

All in all, we had a lovely time at The Sticks (minus the fact that I couldn't sleep). The facilities were nice and clean and the river area was safe and perfect for kids. Farah and I were bummed though that they took out the floating bamboo raft which was an Instagram spot made famous by @yuilin! We would definitely come again!

Last pic before heading home!

Head to for more details and bookings!

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Lash Lift - I finally have lashes!

So anyone who knows me, know that I long for long curly lashes. I envy my boys who have beautiful lashes! So then a week ago, as I was watching videos on Instagram on how they do eyelash perming, my SIL messaged me asking me if I wanted to join her to do lash lifting! What a co-incidence!! I immediately said YES! This is the account detail of the person who did our lashes. Her name is Ain and you can check out her work.

Ok here are my lashes before the lift.

Check it out AFTER! (the pic below is without mascara).

I am loving my lashes now and as it turns out, I DO HAVE THEM! This is supposed to last for 2 months and then you need a top up. After a few treatments, you might be lucky and may not need them anymore. But that depends on your lashes.

The treatment takes 45 minutes where they apply a number of things to the lashes. She applied serums, keratin and lifting serum, tint and finally treatment. You're not suppose to have any contact with water for 2 hours after, but since I couldn't pray I refrained from washing my eye area at all until the next morning. My SIL's lashes went down the next morning on one side. Ain was nice enough to come and re-do it again for her the next day. It was fine after that.

Now 1 week in, my lashes are still curled. I can't believe I have never discovered this before! If you're looking to lift up your lashes do check out Ain's services. Totally recommended!

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Daiso Washing Drum Cleaner and TIPS

Have you notice black flakes stuck to your laundry after washing them? That's what I have been having and I suspect that it's from my washing drum. I saw a few posts on how to clean your washing machine such us using bicarb + vinegar and also cleaner for Cosway but I saw that Daiso also has something similar. So after searching a few Daiso, I managed to find it!

Instructions in Japanese
Here is a very helpful forum with the translations. Link

The product
So basically you put this in your washing machine with the max water setting. Ideally you let it soak for hours but I didn't wait and just let the machine run. Check out all the gunk and dirt coming out from the washing drum!

When you see the dirt floating, you should get a strainer and scoop it out. I didn't have any so I just let the washing machine do its full cycle. At the end of the cycle I had to wipe out the dirty stuff that came out and it was A LOT! Then I ran the cleaning cycle and had to wipe again at the end. There were still stuff coming out, so I ran the wash and rinse cycle twice before I dared using the washing machine again!

So warning! You have to run a few cycles before you can use your machine again!

But after that, the satisfaction of knowing that you got all that dirty disgusting gunk out was awesome! No more black flakes in your clothes!! YEAY!!

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Old pics

Found these old pics at my mum's the other day and started scanning them.
Here are some pictures and why they are so precious!

This is a pic with my grandparents from my dad's side. I think this is the only picture that I have of my late Tok Man as he passed away when I was 10 i think. I remember that he was funny and likes to make jokes. Meanwhile my grandmother, we call her Pah Salak, she stayed with us for years as her eyesight deteriorated. What I remember about her was when she was still able, she would make agar2 kering for raya because that was my favourite.

There were loads of pictures of me and my brother. I guess as my parents had more kids, they didn't have time to take loads of pictures. Here are some of my favourites (ie where I think I was cute! hehe)

Here is a fun fact about me, I can vividly remember certain memories from my childhood. Like in the following 2 pics, I remember these moments as I lived them. I remember sitting there eating that ice cream.

And I remember going to this golf course with my parents and my neighbour!

Here are some more cute pictures!

This is me at kindergarten and yes I went to ABIM.

Finally a pic of a moody me at the zoo. This must be in the 90's coz my youngest sister is there!

Aww I love looking at pics. Now I always try to print them off and am finding that Lifebuuk is the easiest and fastest app for printing photos. Photobook takes too much effort to organise and sort into the boxes! So Lifebuuk for the win!

Friday, 10 August 2018

Misfit Mega Zumba @ PWTC

Last weekend, I attended a Zumba event held at PWTC with Natte and the rest of the office Zumba gang. Actually when they sent out the event poster, I notice Izzat Zin will be one of the instructors. So I shared his instagram page in the group. Then the akak2 saw how handsome the instructor was, and suddenly quite a lot of people wanted to join! hehe

It was our first outdoor event for this year! Last year we did the Amazonian Race together.

There were 4 instructors and the most awaited one, Izzat Zin was apparently not well so he was replaced by another Zin. My favourite for the day was Hamka coz I loved his choices of songs and his moves!

Hamka Zin

So we danced away for (almost 2 hours) and sweated buckets! It was such a great and fun work out and I totally loved it. I can't tell how much I love Zumba. I think it's because I really love to dance and this way I get to work while grooving! I am so glad that the office has Zumba and I just love my Zumba instructor Emmy! She is THE BEST!

So here's a shot of the PNB Zumba Group!

Here's us with out checked shirt uniforms. YB Hannah Yeoh (in the backgroud) was also there to officiate the campaign which was #stopperogoldalamrumah. When we all first saw the # and the t-shirt we were all like "ERRRRKKK" and YB also thought the same thing. But the organisers told her "call a rapist a rapist" which is true.

We all managed to burn around 700 calories that morning. Which was immediately offset by the Ikan Patin I had for lunch!

Friday, 3 August 2018

Fashion Valet Mid Year Sale Haul

Who else stocked up on their dUCk scarves during the FV Mid Year Sale?

On the morning of the sale, the website had crazy traffic and I couldn't seem to open it! I guess all the dUCkies were flocking to the site after knowing that the scarves were on sale! With the discount code (and if you buy 4 items) one scarf was ONLY RM51!! 

That night I bought 3 items and I was kicking myself afterwards coz if I added another item, I could have gotton 40% off instead of 20%. In the first round I got myself an inner and 2 scarves.

Then I kept browsing for more scarves since they were at such a bargain! But I kept adding things that were actually out of stock so in the end the only colours available were colours that I wouldn't have bought at full price. But I really wanted a twilly because the leather on one of my bag's handle were coming off and a friend suggested that I put a twilly on it! So in order to get the 40% off, I just added random things into the cart like stickers and paper clips (!). I also got a top/sweater from Schmiley Mo which was at a great bargain.

Here's a flatlay of my haul :)

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