Sunday, 9 February 2014

CNY long weekend

Hello! Hope everyone had a lovely long break over the weekend. What did you get up to?

We had quite an exciting weekend in Penang! Kimi's cousin got engaged so we went back for the ceremony. To avoid the traffic, we went back on the early Saturday morning at 5.30am and arrived just nicely for breakfast in Penang, then got ready for the reception.

Initially I wanted to stay for a night in Hard Rock Hotel. But obviously it was all fully booked! Then I pestered Kimi to take us out, coz usually we go to Penang to the engagement/wedding then head back! So that evening, Kimi said we're going to Bukit Bendera!! Yeay dpt jalan2!!

We got there at about 6pm and the queue wasn't too bad. Waited about 15 minutes to get the tickets and about 10 minutes for the train. My how things have changed!! I remembered the last time I went up, the funicular was slow and old. The new one was so fast and it was electric!

When we got up there, took pictures of the scenery then we hung out at the Bar/Cafe until dark. Unfortunately the lookout point is not directly facing the sun set, so we couldn't see it.

Here are some pics!


  • Don't forget your mykad! With a mykad its RM8 for adults and without its RM30! And they do insist in seeing those cards!!
  • Going up in the evening means less people and it wasn't so hot.
  • But a lot of people were coming down after maghrib, so we had to wait longer (about half an hour)
  • The drinks and food at David Brown's were super expensive! 2 drinks and some fried costed us almost RM45! But you get a seat to chill and there was some live music. So I guess we were paying for the service rather than the food/drinks itself. 
  • The place wasn't too bad for strollers (referring to the area from ticketing to going up the Bukit). Lots of stairs from parking B area though!
  • Parking was RM4 per entry. Even at off peak times it was pretty full. Can't imagine trying to get a parking during peak times. 
  • It can get pretty chilly up there at night for the kids

Hope you find the tips helpful. Now that I've been there I can cross it off my list!

Overall we had a lovely time up at Bukit Bendera. Thanks for taking us Appa!

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