Thursday, 30 May 2013 and Real Techniques brushes (and special coupon for readers!)

Yeay my brushes are finally here!!

If you have noticed on my sidebar, I have one entitled PARCELS TO COME and now I can cross off

  1. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Finish/Perfected, Stippling Brush x 2
  2. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, On Location, Travel Essentials, 3 Brushes + Case
  3. Giovanni, Frizz Be Gone, Super Smoothing, Anti-Frizz Hair Serum
  4. Organice Vanilla Tea (freebie)
  5. pen (freebie)

I saw these brushes on (British Beauty Blogger) when she raved about them. So naturally I was sold! She mentioned that she got them from Boots so browsed on and almost wanted to "kirim" from a friend. So I Googled it and looked at the options of where to purchase them and did a price comparison.

Buying through is obviously the cheapest. So click-click-checkout i went. iHerb is a US based internet shop selling all sort of beauty items and supplements. Whenever you are buying from the US you always want to check out their shipping charges coz sometimes your shipping ended up being about the same price as the items. But in this case they offer a FLAT RATE shipping and handling of ONLY USD4.00 !

They also offer extra discounts;

Extra Discounts:
  • May Special: Extra 5% off for orders below $60 and 10% off for orders over $60.00! Ends Friday, May 31st, 2013.
  • $10 off your first iHerb order of $40 or more! Offer available for first-time customers on their first order only.

 So I ended up buying all those items above (note that I bought 2 stippling brush) at a total cost of USD35.36 (RM106)!!

What's the big deal about these brushes?

  1. Ultra-plush taklon bristles for high-definition results
  2. Extended aluminum ferrules for light, easy use

It does give an almost flawless complexion after applying your foundation using the stippling brush and because they were made of taklon it means that you can use them on both liquid or powder based make up! You can just buy the travel set coz everything you need is in there already but I really wanted to try the stippling brush so I use that instead and use the foundation brush for my concealer.

They are so cheap compared to MAC and other brushes! 4 brushes under RM100 and they are of good quality brushes!

Another great plus about these brushes are the video tutorials by Samantha Chapman (the woman who invented these brushes!) so those are really helpful. Do check them out at

This little fella was thrown in for good measure hehe!

I have special coupon for you to use for an instant USD10 off your first iHerb purchase of $40 or USD5 for smaller orders (and I get to earn credit hehe). They do sell Burts Bees there too but unfortunately all the baby items are currently out of stock! Otherwise I would have definitely stocked up on the Baby Shower Gel and Shampoo for Nazrin!

So have a browse at and here is your Coupon Code 


Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to do this post!


  1. Hello! I also ordered some Real Technique brushes from iHerb and elected with the flat rate of 4dollar shipping, and it hasn't come yet :( I ordered mine on May 14. Do you think there's hope yet? :P

    1. Hi Irene! I ordered mine on the 9th of May and they were delivered on the 28th. So I am sure that you will get yours VERY soon! xx

  2. Oh Dina, you have no idea how you just TOETALLY made my day!! I ordered those because I am getting married in October and wanna look perfect on my big day :P I will update ONCE I get mine! Thank you so much!

    1. Hope they arrive for you soon! Keep me updated and tell us what you think of the brushes too!

  3. Dina! I got my brushes yesterday! So I ordered on May 14 and they arrived on June 10. Methinks me should drop a note to iHerb folks so they don't put the misleading 9-14 days on their website for shipping to Malaysia :P I haven't properly road-testing them yet. Will keep you posted! Right now I am just overjoyed :D

    1. yeay!!! that's awesome Irene. that did take a bit longer than usual. i did get an email from their customer service ( to receiving the items. they wanted to know when i received them so that they can improve on their shipping etc. did u get the same? if not perhaps you can email her and tell her.

    2. Oh I didn't get any such e-mail! I did (voluntarily) leave a message with them informing them of the length of time it took for my order to arrive (and I said it is about the same time frame for a Malaysian blogger - referring to you there, hope you don't mind it awfully). They got back to me thanking me for my feedback. Maybe I will shoot an e-mail to this Jessica lady as well since maybe shipping is her area. Yay for more orders from iHerb :D

  4. I love real techniques. better than sigma for me

    1. I have never tried sigma but i think real techniques are just as good as mac brushes at a much much cheaper price!

  5. Hi, thanx for the review. I ended up buying from can't wait to get them. :)

    1. that's great...let me know when you have received them and whether you love them!

  6. OMG! Real technique brushes are super amazing!! I am currently searching for other great deals and luckily I have found great real technique codes with 50% discounts on facebook. Here's the link: Enjoy shopping guys!


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