Friday, 2 May 2014

Toddler haircut

We usually go to our local mamak barber "Kedai Gunting Muna".
If you are a fellow Bangi-an you would know this place. They even have many branches now in Bangi!

Anyways, just wanted to share my tips on toddler's haircuts.

Tip: Get the father to cut their hair first!

This seems to work for us. On this occassion, N was ok to walk into the barber but told us "Don't want cut hair". So we let him be. I left him free to roam the barber, he even climbed onto one of the seats. All the while, Appa was getting his hair cut. Just before Appa was done, he suddenly said "Nak cut hair la" and happily climbed the chair for his turn! Yeay! I think he needed the assurance that getting a hair cut does not hurt at all.

No tears and I didn't even have to sit together with him. Such a big boy already!!
The mamak even styled his hair into a mohawk afterwards!

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