Thursday, 16 November 2017

Japan Day 2 - 2017 Suzuka Japanese Grand Prix

Hey ho hello! I have been so busy with work that I never got the chance to continue my Japan diary!

So DAY 2 was all about the Formula One. Our main agenda on the itinerary!

From Osaka we had to take a train to Shiroko and from there a bus to Suzuka. We booked reserved seats online (Kintetsu) but had to purchase the actual ticket at the machine. Actually we didn't have to buy tickets for Nazrin as he is not in school yet (6 years old).

The train ride took about 1.5 hours and upon arrival, the bus service was already waiting at the train station. Everyone proceeded to walk in line to the buses. Everything was so organised, it was amazing.

Outside the circuit, there is a small themepark and entrance was already included in our F1 tickets. So we went on a 2 rides before going into the circuit for the benefit of the boys.

We bought the general admission ticket (West area) and it was a pretty good call as it was such a HOT day. We had shade under the trees where the boys played while we watched the race. Unfortunately there were no screens nearby, so I can't really tell what is going on elsewhere in the circuit. Basically we just kept track of who's who while they drive past.

The race was won by Hamilton (who is already the World Champion today for this year). The red bull boys gave a good fight and bad luck for Ferrari whose car had problems.

After the race, Kimi wanted to collect the tyre rubbers but we couldn't go in through the Grand Stands. Luckily, after walking around we saw that we can get into the circuit and walk around the West Area! By this time, both boys were already asleep (thank god for strollers!).

The West Area track would only be opened at 4.30pm and our train back was 6.30pm. So while waiting for 4.30pm I changed our train tickets to a later time. I thought I read that changing time for the train was free but my credit card go charged! But we really didn't want to rush so nevermind. So once the gate opened, we walked into the circuit. Kimi managed to get his souvenir so he was super happy about that. Totally worth the price of the changed tickets. (I found out later though that they charged my credit card but then refunded it back! So it was indeed FREE to change tickets).

We took lots of pictures on the track while the boys slept!

After our walk, we stopped by the souvenir shop for some shopping. After shopping we went back to the bus stop. By then most people have left so the queue for the bus wasn't long. Again, everything was just so organised! There were non stop buses to take us all back to the train station. We took the train home and once we got home we cooked dinner which we all devoured quickly and the kids went to bed straight after! We were all tired but mummy and daddy had a great time at the Formula One.


  1. F1 tickets purchased through (RM1,000) - 2 adults 1 child
  2. Train tickets from Namba to Shiroko (RM264) 2 adults
  3. Reserved seat for train (RM127) 2 adults 1 child return
  4. Bus ticket from Shiroko to Suzuka (RM59) 2 adults return

Check out our day 2 video!


  1. Awesome trip! Makes me want to plan a similar trip too. Can you share the costs you incurred, including F1 tix? BTW boohoohoo Ferrari. Sad day indeed!

    1. It was an awesome trip! Will add costing to the blog k! Thanks for reading and dropping by!


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