Monday, 24 November 2014

Luxola Haul - Zoeva

I have been wanting to get some Zoeva brushes as of late. Perhaps its the influence of other bloggers, but I wanted to achieve (or learn) other style of eye make ups as I always end up with the same smokey eye look. So to help me to achieve other eye make up look, I thought I needed to get the tools first - hence the haul!

I got my brushes from Luxola. Shipping took around 2 days. Nice and efficient!


All items were bubble wrapped again, inside the bubble envelope.

Bubble wrapped
My haul!

2 Zoeva brushes
Eye primer

Eye primer
230 - Pencil Brush
231 - Petit Crease Brush
A close up

I tried doing a new make up look last week, but the pictures weren't nice at all.
And it STILL looked the same! Need to learn from more tutorials over on Youtube!

Any suggestions to who is the best teacher over on the tube??

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  1. for me i find some beauty guru's that have same eye shape as me (or close) for eyeshadow part. but cool haul by the way!

    1. I am really struggling on how to use the petit crease, i find it not as easy to blend as my MAC 217 brush. Maybe i'm just not using it right...argh streesss hehe


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