Monday, 26 January 2015

33rd Birthday - Presents and Parties

Sorry for the lack of updates! Been busy at work as it usually is early in the year.

So this was a few weeks back during my birthday.

Firstly, the hubby surprised me a day earlier with a small celebration at my mum's.
He came bearing a cake, a stalk of rose and presents from him and Nazrin!

The two kiddos (Nazrin and Ariana) attacked my cake and kept eating the frostings! They looked so cute all comots and vandalising my cake!

Then on my actual birthday, I opened up my present from the hub and Nazrin. 
Kimi got me a bracelet whilst he bought a mirror as a present from Nazrin! I loved the bracelet as I chose it myself! hahah...he was at the Tiffany and asked about which necklace I already have and I said I want a bracelet instead. Then I said "Wait, I'll send you pics la". So i sent him 3 options and he picked that one! Obviously he does not read the blog as most of my friends check out my list before buying my presents! hehehe

I also received presents from Diana who got the presents delivered to ensure that I get them on my birthday! She got me the tops and Nars make up!! (2 things off the birthday list!) I also got a delivery of a basket of beautiful flowers from her too!

On Friday, I had 2 parties. First one was at lunch with my CBAs.
As I have never been to Jake's, we went there and I got the steak and it was so so delish!
It was such a good lunch as all the girls were there and we managed to catch up (esp. with Puan Drog!) to hear her honeymoon stories!

Natte was so so sweet to bake my birthday cake! She made a fondant make up cake for me. It was a Victoria Sandwich cake in the inside and she made all the fondant toppings herself. Not only it looked good, it tasted SOOO good (of course!).

Doesn't the cake look beautiful?? Thank you so much!!!
Oh me Jid and Natte, took half of the day off and we continued celebrating after lunch watching Taken 3!! (good movie eheh)

Then that night, I had a kareoke session with my Sexy Bombshells (highschool friends).
We actually planned to do this last year for my birthday but I was down with Dengue! So glad that this finally happened. Not all the girls were there but it was enough. We had so much fun singing (most of the time out of tune!) and it was a great night!

Thank you so much for coming!
Presents from my celebration day!

From Top Left clockwise : Bday cake made by Nhomebakes, Isetan vouchers from Paris, Cake from Nadia, VS bag and M&S lotion and shower cream from Nadia, Presents from the CBA (Pandora Charm, Shower Gel and Weight Lifting Gloves!)

Then over the weekend got one more present from the pretty sister in laws!
A Dior Pallette!

Another great year of celebrations. Another year of being blessed with great health, beautiful loving family and lots of rezeki. Alhamdulillah!

Thank you everyone for a great birthday!!

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