Friday, 30 January 2015

Al-fatihah Zackarally

Zackarally - like his name is one of a kind. 
A friendly prankster is how to describe him best. He is my neighbour who lives behind my house. A year younger, the same age as my husband. 

A week ago he went to the hospital with a terrible sore throat unable to eat. To his shock, the blood test revealed that he has leukemia. 

A week later he has left us. My heart breaks for his wife. Those two are such a great couple. I love seeing their photos of their travels on Instagram. Zack is such a prankster, so we often see posts of him trolling his wife. He loved leaving comments usually inappropriate but funny. Just a few weekends ago him and his wife were seated at the same table at a wedding. My mum said they all had a great night chatting and they were sharing their stories of their recent travel to New York. They were in New York for New Years. 

Zack, you brought a lot of laughter in everyone's life. We all can see that you lived a full life along with your beautiful wife. I will miss your ntah hape2 comments. May Allah grant strength for your family and your wife to go through these hard times. 


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