Friday, 26 June 2015

Detail Scan and it's a .....


Went for the detail check up today at 20 weeks and my it was a detailed one indeed.
The sonographer checked the baby's length, kidneys, fingers, toes, name it!
I was totally impressed to see her check the 4 rooms in the heart, the blood flood within the heart etc.
I don't remember the doctor/sonographer checking all those during Nazrin's time.

We also found out the sex of the baby! I was hoping for a girl obviously. My pregnancy symptoms were slightly different to last time. Like I suddenly really wanted to wear gold, the sickness weren't as bad. So I was hopeful and I even wore a pink tudung on the day of the scan. However it did not work as the sonographer saw his "cuckoo bird" within a few seconds of scanning!

So we're having another boy, InsyaAllah.
I don't mind really, part of me must have know as I kept referring to the baby as a He when talking about him. I just want him to be a healthy and complete boy!

I can't believe I'm halfway through already!!

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