Sunday, 17 January 2016

Goodbye my friend

It has been a heart breaking day today as our dear friend Mohamad Salihan Izham passed away after fighting long and hard with cancer. I once wrote about him 2 years ago when he was looking for some financial help for alternative treatment. A lot of people donated money and I guess in a way he managed to 'buy' some time. Enough time so see her second daughter being born and be her daddy for 6 months. He was close with her first daughter, Nazrin's friend and I teared each time I saw her today. She is old enough to understand that her daddy went to 'heaven'.

As he was buried the clouds opened up and cried with us. My heart goes out to my girl friend Zadie Badarudin and their daughters Lana and Eva. We are here with you zadie 😘😘 Al-fatihah

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