Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Singapore Trip Day 1 - Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay

Our first holiday as a family of four overseas! Yeay!! It's been a while since we had The Razaks holiday but unfortunately Papa, Mama, Ninin and Ammar couldn't join this time. However we're excited for the kids (the cousins) to spend the day together.

We travelled separately as Kimi didn't want to get stuck in the jam. Lucky we did coz Kakak and Mas got stuck in a jam due to an accident. We arrived in Singapore at 2.30pm and went to check in. Thankfully our room is ready and we were upgraded to a slightly larger room.

We stayed at Park Royal on Beach road. The location is perfect as it's close to Halal eateries. 

After checking in, we headed out for lunch. 

Walking through Haji Ln

Singapore Zamzam was our pick. The lamb briyani was delicous and the murtabak was soooo good! (drooling as i type!)

Hungry Nazrin

After lunch, I wanted to go to the Merlion park. After attempting to hail a number of cabs and failing, I decided to use Uber instead. Within 5 minutes, we were picked up and 5 minutes later we arrived. When you're travelling with kids, it's just so much easier to use Uber! Plus it wasn't too expensive. $5-6 dollars for each trip.
Merlion Park
We walked across the river from MBS and took a few shots.

Mbs in the background

Then we took an Uber to Gardens by the Bay.

This park is massive! I really just wanted to see the Supergrove Tree light show. So we had to pay $6 to enter as it has been turned into a winter wonderland for Christmas. Otherwise, it's free to go in. Do note however, you need to pay for the train ride ($5), or play at the arcade (Kimi spent $20 here) and also to walk on the bridge above.

We were too tired to walk any further, so settled on a field listening Xmas music and waited for the light show. We were actually too early and ended up waiting for over an hour. By the time the show started, the kids were cranky.

The light show started at 7.45pm (another show at 8.45pm) where the tree lit up following the Christmas music playing. It was really pretty and very exciting, but by this time we had to head back already so I couldn't really enjoy the show.

Gardens by the Bay was beautiful at night. A definite must see in Singapore and you could easily spend a whole day there. There is the Flower Dome (seperate ticket) which houses flowers and plants from around the world. There is also an outdoor waterplay  and play ground which is free. We didn't have time to go there and it closes around 5.30pm. Satay by the Bay is also recommended by the Uber driver and it's halal.

Travelling with kids is a challenge though. I tried putting Aaman for naps during the day, but he was having none of it! Nazrin is no problem except for when he is tired and wants Kimi to carry him. I kept insisting that we bring 2 strollers (which proved to be a good move the next day!). So night time is a complete write off as the kids are asleep by 9pm the latest. 

That's the end of Day 1 for us!! Stay tuned for Day 2

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