Monday, 9 January 2017

Birthday Wish List

Hey everyone!! Getting excited as my birthday is THIS WEEKEND! I went birthday present hunting over the weekend with the hubby and got it narrowed down to a few things. Unfortunately, one is out of stock while the other was the display unit. But it was a fun trip nonetheless! 

I have been requested for my wish list. I think it really helps everyone and makes it so much easier when there is a list, so as you wish :p These are in not in order.


Shower gels

I love shower gels, so anything from Bath and Body Works, L'occitane or Body Shop.

Make up - base

I just splurged major on an eye shadow palette (Master Palette by Mario - who does Kim's face) so I have enough eye shadows at the moment. But my base is running out so I have this on my TO BUY list at the moment (just the refil).


I have lost my mascara! Grr...

Scented candles

Diana got me Baies scented candle last year and OMG i am hooked on this scent! I love it so much and have used it all. It's so pricey though so any other scented candles would be awesome!

Duck Scarves

Fluff in Tea Tree

Jersey in Mint

Matte Satin Silk in Pinkdew

Black work pants (UK12 or size 40)

Now that we can wear long pants to work, I welcome black or dark coloured tailored or tapered pants. 

Workout pants (L)

Need another pair of long workout pants (ala yoga pants) as I currently have 2 long ones only and do 3 classes a week.

Sport socks

Had to throw a pair of my adidas socks after doing the Amazonian Race


Any nice tops is welcomed


So there you go! Obviously this is just a guide and I am not expecting anything. A prayer for good health, wealth and so that I am a better Muslimah would mean the world to me.

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