Wednesday, 22 November 2017

October Haul from Japan

You want to see what I bought??? Wheeee...

1. Stationaries

I am a sucker for stationaries! Stationaries can get me excited! So I wanted to get Frixion pens (erasable pens) and a stapleless stapler (!).

Most of the stationaries were bought at Family Mart except for some Muji stuff which I bought at the airport!

I tell you this picture below...makes me smile! hehe

2. Food

Japan's idea of souvenirs were mostly food. They are famous for their banana cakes beautifully individually packaged in wrapped boxes.

Tokyo Banana is famous and yummy. This I bought at the airport on the way back.

The Osaka Banana Cake is the Osaka version and is no where as nice.

You gotta buy some mochi too! These were soft and yummy! I liked the pink one best.

3. Beauty

I had 2 things in mind which were Haku Hodo brushes and LUSH (coz we can't get this in Malaysia).
I googled these two and were happy to see they have branches in Osaka. After walking around Osaka (Day 3) I went to search for my brush. Luckily it was easy to find and I had to choose quickly as I left the boys and Appa outside the department store. 

I picked up a retractable blush brush which was JPY3456 (around RM127). The bristles were made of goat hair and it is so soft! I see what the hype is all about!

After seeing the Glico man, I looked over the bridge and I saw LUSH. So I quickly went in to grab a shower gel. 

My last beauty haul is this flower foam facial cleanser! This is such a social-media-made-me-buy-this item! Actually all the stuff I bought were influences from social media!

In all honesty, I don't use this much but seeing the rose shaped foam is SO COOL! LOL
Actually the streets of Japan were full of Drugstores selling so many beauty items like sheet masks and all sorts. I don't even know where to start that I even googled "Beauty items must buy in Japan" but I stopped myself (phew!) coz I really didn't want to add any more to my piles of beauty and make up! Was there anything else that you think I should have gotten though?

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