Monday, 20 May 2013

Estee Lauder Beauty Haul

Fridays are usually my shopping day as it's a 2 hour lunch break for us ladies (men have their Friday prayers). Every Friday I usually have lunch with my CBA's (will post about them at some point) but as off late we haven't been out all  of us and that leave only me and Natte!

Usually it's quite dangerous of me and my partner in crime Natte' to go out just the two of us.

You see we are quite notorious us two when it comes to shopping. We usually encourage each other to buy stuff and true enough that's how I ended up with my haul.

My face is oily but also dry (oily on the T-zone but can get dry elsewhere) with acne scars. I had pretty severe acne when I was 16 and 17 years old and i have the scars to remind me everyday. So finally I got around to getting Estee Lauder's serum.

Unfortunately for me (Unfortunate as they don't come cheap!) the Sales Assistance recommended that I use two serums.

  1. Advanced Night Repair BENEFITS ("ANR") (RM330 50ml)
    Repairs past visible damage

    Helps protect skin's future

  2. Pore Minimising Serum (RM370 75ml)
    Pores look 1/3 smaller
    Refinishes skin texture

Lucky for me there was a promotion that day and I was given the following items for free! Actually because of the free things, it was the "push" for me to buy those two serums. Yes I am a sucker for free things. So items I got for free;

  • Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum

  • Advance TimeZone

  • Hydrationist

  • Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Crème

  • Small sample size Advanced Night Repair

  • Estee Lauder tote
Review so far;

I think the pore minimiser does work as I notice that they ARE smaller. As for the ANR no visible improvements yet but I guess it's one of those items that kinda works in the background. Hope that in 10 years time I look the same as today thanks to this!

oh i also added another charm to my collection that day. the airplane one as my son loves airplanes and never fails to point out whenever he sees or hears one! (also got a mircoz nail buffing set but this was free coz I used the voucher I got from purchase my Estee stuff)

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