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25 Random facts from Old Blog

I was trying to log into this blog but ended up reading my old blog posts.
It was nice walking down memory lane and check out the 25 random facts written by me back in March 2009. (My updates are in Blue while what I wrote back then is in Black)

1. i can't believe i'm 27 already. so old my 27 years i have lived for 4.5 years in Brisbane and i'm going into my 7th year living here in Coventry. so i've spent 10.5 years, over a third of my life living abroad

i am now 31 and that was written 4 years ago!

2. insyaAllah i'm getting married next year, i think i might only have 2 weeks in june to book everything and do another mad hectic 2 weeks in Jan 2010 before the wedding.  i was home only for a week for my engagement last Dec. i researched online and got mummy to book stuff. it turned out quite well. so here's hoping for my dream wedding to become true.

Alhamdulillah, it's almost 3 years after our wedding and we have had our trials and tribulations but here we are! we are also blessed with a handsome son who will be turning 2 in August!

3. when i was in standard 1, the first exam ever (it was the mid term one) i took in school i got 100% for all 3 subjects (malay, english and maths). my late grandpa promised me if i get #1 for the year end exams he'd buy me a present but i came second :(

4. in standard 2 and through out my primary years, i was in like the top ten. but i remembered vividly that one day in std 2 my  then best friend farhana read my palm. she said "my smart line decreases for a bit at the moment but it'll soon peak again. and now after a Bsc next to my name, i can add a CA as well. i guess she was right!

I am about to start my Certificate in Real Estate Investment Finance. Back to studying and assignments. I just remembered how I hate doing assignments! I thought after my CA i VOWED to never EVER do another exam but my boss recommended this to me so here I am.

5. i never failed any exams until my CA exams. that really shocked my system to a core. but after that i'd be so happy to just pass the 50% mark. ok i'm such a nerd stop talking abt school!

6. i used to HATE playing netball coz i started with basketball. always thought netball was too girly. i'm a bit ganas you see. i would usually play against guys and just crash and sneak my way to the basket. i was forced and trained to be a netball shooter when i came to warwick. 

I play netball once a year for the co's Interhouse Netball Tournament. Missing out this year coz I have classes but I hope to play at the Intersubs!

7. i remember 2 occasions when i was on FIRE when playing b-ball and netball . that was back at KMYS and it was the interhouse tournement. everyshot,every lay up and everry jump shots went it. i got MVP and it's my biggest trophy ever! netball game was with my work team. i was shooting against a 6 footer and somehow still managed to score.

I actually tore my knee ligament (ACL) last year so have been 'out of action' since then. Luckily it has healed but I always have to be careful not to jump or strain the knees too much. 

8. my now best friend nadia kutuk-ed me when i first started at school. it was my huge backpack (apparently that was uncool) and my kain baju kurung was too short. we've been best friend for 12 years now and when i miss her i'd tune in online on flyfm coz she's the pagi show dj there. 

Unfortunately we have grown apart but we do catch up every now and then. But when we do we always pick up where we left off. It's harder now when you work and have a son so my girls these days are my CBA's from the office (their blogs and links are at the side!) since we try to do Friday lunches together almost every week. But even now it's hard to get us all CBA's together coz one is doing her chambering at a different firm (but i see her most these days!), one is just finishing her confinement, one is now working for a different co and quite busy and the last one is busy being the "Head" of her department!

9. i'm best friends with my parents. mummy loves the fact that i talk a lot and tell her stuff. unlike my sister who doesn't tell her anything. mum calls her bosan sometimes and try to dig stories out from me.

10. my sister is dating my fellow b-ball college mate! it took a while to get used to the idea..

they are now married and have the chubbiest brow raising like the Rock baby daughter. My first baby niece!

11. my fiance is my brother's friend (they weren't close la but same age)  

12. i've been financially independant from my parents since 17 when i came here. racked up a credit card bil with 2 cc and now i'm debt free again (if i don't count the rm0.5m i owe my scholar hehe)

13. i have my own car and i call her nancy bluebell

sold my Nancy and got a Tommy (Honda city)

14. i'm not a huge fan of pets coz i tend to get bored after a while and not really take care of them properly. my first cat was called Kimba, not sure what happened to her. then i had a hamster and he died (due to old age! not my fault ok?!)

still no pets but I have a son and that I have to take care of properly!

15. i used to b stick thin where my weight wouldn't budge from 42kg no matter how much i eat. then i went to KMYS where the food was yummy and a plenty. it kinda went on a rise since then. about more than a year ago my weight plumeted again at 48kg. damn how i wish i maintained it but now i'm happy and bulat.

GAH...still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight! i was on track to losing it until i tore my ligament so stopped exercising for 4 months and piled it all back on. Will be starting the co's version of "Biggest Loser" complete with a personal trainer so I am hoping that I can FINALLY shed off all these excess weight!

16. my fiancee has many nicknames for me. current ones; cekodok and seketul

nicknames? we're married now. no more cutesy nicknames pftt

17. i love food though; every weekend fiancee and i would cook and eat to our hearts content. my specialties are rendang, stir fry vegie and paprik whilst he's the kari king.

we still love to eat but only cook occasionally was everyday we eat dinner at MIL's house after picking up my son.

18. my youngest sister has Down Syndrome and i love her to bits. she's turning 20 this year but we all still treat her as the baby. when i go back home for good i want to start a group for all DS kids and take them out on weekends so that they could socialise.

ala I haven't been able to start a DS kids social group. Mils is now 24 and she stays at home mostly :( need to take her out more la, but she gets cranky if she has to walk for too long.

19. i learnt chinese for 3 years but now can't remember anything except for numbers and ni hao ma? and wo ai ni

20. daddy calls me amoi and i call her apek. why la ppl like to gimme nicknames huh?

21. i love theatres and the best one was wicked (liked the story line) and most impressive was lion king. i also like ballet. only been twice but nutcracker was amazing! now i just need to go see the opera once to tick the final box.

gosh these days I'd be happy to be taken to see a movie at the cinema. Yang, take me to see the Hangover Part 3!

22. my first designer handbag was prada which i bagged (excuse the pun) on e-bay. each one of my designer handbags marks a special occasion. 
my mulberry - "i'm-a -career-woman -now bag
LV- i'm-a-fully-qualified-ca-now bag
feragamo - i'm-bloody-old-now (27th) bag
next one? i'm-going-to-be-a-wife now bag will be from fiancee as my hantaran (got an Anya clutch as my hantaran)

I can now add these to my collection:
- medium classic flap Chanel (so glad i bought this back then!! they have gone up in price so much since!!)
- LV neverfull
- miu miu
- Prada
- Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC

(i really want a YSL bag next!!)

23. yeah i'm more into bags not so much into shoes. 

can't really wear heels these days so have been "investing" in Ferragamo flats 

24. i hate 2 full book racks of books of which were picked up at car boot sales. i think i've only read half the book rack. i'm saving the rest for when i go back to malaysia, i hope i'll have time to read then! my fave is sidney sheldon and i think i have about 10 of his books now. 

Latest book I read was The Hunger Games and before that I read 50 Shades haha
Haven't read in a while since the iPad has been taken over by the Little Man

25. i'm sooo late for work now!

i better get some work done now! 

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