Tuesday, 4 June 2013


The summer sale is upon us and all the US websites are currently having a sale. I checked out the usuals (net-a-porter and shopbop) and these are my picks of the sale (obviously "berangan only" hehe)

Both are British brands.

The Mulberry (RM2,593) - I guess I am still not over my shoulder bag obsession after my MINI MAC but I love the colour of this bag. It kinda pops doesn't it? The size is medium and not too small. The bag is full leather which I love and it has one zipped compartment inside.

The Anya (RM1,243) - This clutch is amazing. I love how it glitters and it would be perfect for dinners and weddings! At just over RM1k, I think this is a bargain!

The small Mulberry (Flower petal bag) - I saw this last week and it was selling at USD402 but when I checked back yesterday it was no longer listed. This is a much smaller bag than the Lily.

So what's your pick for the SALE? Go on over to net-a-porter and shopbop to have a look. Go on, you know you want to! 


  1. I bought the anya clutch for my mum earlier this year, memang cantik and quite versatile too, matches with everything!

    1. Hey Dina T. How much did you buy the clutch for? Sigh it's cantik kan. But no handbag fund for me dah...kena tunggu end of year dulu hehe

  2. got it for €220 from Kildare Village, bargain kaan? hehe

  3. *mata terbeliak* damn i miss UK/Europe sales! what is Kildare Village?? factory outlet is it?? haritu gi JPO cam meehhh...biasa je..cannot beat bicester!


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