Monday, 17 June 2013

Renewing passport

I am planning to go to Bali sans hubby and kid in a few weeks for a friend's bridal weekend. Albeit for just one night (the others are going for 2 but it's my first time away from Little Man so I didn't want to risk it!) I am super excited!!

I had to renew my passport coz the old one had expired back in Jun 2012 and the last trip was New Zealand when I was 5 months pregnant.

At the moment, all the kiosks and online applications are temporarily disrupted due to the switch to polycarbonated passport system so you have to go to the immigration counters.

So I searched on what was required for a passport renewal and found this website which was super helpful. The official immigration website was way too cluttered and was not helpful at all.

Please note that there are new photo requirements which is that it needs to be with a white background. NOT BLUE.

Haha check out my passport photo and the uneven eyebrows! I wanted to "define" my brows as mine are non-existent but it turned out wonky! :p

Also, you don't have to fill in any forms. So don't waste your time.

What you need for renewing your passport;

  1. Original IC and a photocopy
  2. 2 white background passport photo
  3. Old passport (i left this at home Duh! So had to go back home to get it after receiving my number)
  4. Payment RM100 for 2 years or RM300 for 5 years.
I went to the Kajang branch which was nearest to me on a Saturday and although it opens at 8am, I arrived at 7.35am and got no. 56. During weekends (yes they are open Saturday and Sunday but do check which branch opens all weekends at the website given above) only 150 numbers are given out so come bright and early to get your numbers. On weekdays 600 numbers per day were given out (this applies to Kajang branch, not sure about others). Make sure you have all the required documents prior to getting your numbers.

Once your number is called up they basically fill in the application on their computer and it take a mere 10 minutes to complete. It is online based so when they had system interruptions like what happened that day, they couldn't do anything! I had finished my application and was waiting to pay but as system was down I couldn't pay. They said I could leave and they will call back once it was up and running again but luckily I was ok before I left. 

My new passport was ready in 2 hours. So I picked it up 15 minutes before the office closes and the place was empty. I thought I was late to pick up but it was just opened for picking up completed passports. 

Glad I got it all sorted in half a day! Bali here I come!!

Old vs New
Wow my face was so ROUND back then!

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