Monday, 26 August 2013

Weaning Off - Part I

As Nazrin has turned two I decided to start weaning him off. But the major deciding factor that made me start was two weekends ago he decided to bite both of my n*pples as hard as he could and laughed out loud when I screamed in pain. He thought it was hilarious!

So that evening I put asam jawa and said it was dirty and yuck.I think that imaged stayed in his head so that worked really well. Alhamdulillah! At one point, some asam jawa got in his mouth so it tasted really sour and he didn't like it .It's been a week now without nursing during the day and I even managed to put him to sleep at nights. Although some nights he would whine sometimes with real tears and sometimes with crocodile tears. The only time that he gets some is during the night (mummy is still slightly too lazy to actually get up and make his milk after 2 years of just lifting her shirt :p).

However over the weekend I struggled to put him down for his nap. I was used to nursing him after his morning shower that I didn't know how to! In the end, I just nursed him so that he gets his morning nap at least! I was afraid that he might get confused with me telling him its yuck but then when he gets some it's tasted fine. I didn't want to completely stop straight away and was advised to do it in stages too. Perhaps sometime this week, I will have to start getting up to make him milk instead. I worked on Saturday night, when he woke up asking for water so I fixed his milk and he drank it and went back to sleep with minimal fuss. This morning he was crying for it and I was fixing his milk. He was still whining and hubs was starting to tell me to just give him some and like a second later Nazrin took his milk. I went to have my shower and when I got out, he was fast asleep again with the bottle put upright just next to him. I was very surprised that he didn't give me such a hard time considering the fact that he's had it on demand whenever I was around for 2 years. I was expecting it to be impossible but Alhamdulillah it hasn't been too bad.

So here's hoping for a total wean off within this month...InsyaAllah.

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