Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Current obsession - Alma BB in Rose Velours

I am currently obsessing over this bag.

I love this colour!
My SIL is very lucky as she gets an LV at every birthday from her hubby.
Earlier this year she got TWO!! The first one was the Alma BB in Fuschia (from her hubby) and the other is this clutch (from her family - my in laws) which I was dying for and recommended it to my FIL. At first he said that it was way over the budget but when she opened the box I gasped coz that exactly the one he bought.

So I'm gonna start saving up for my Alma. I do think it's a tad too small but I love the crossbody! Wearing it crossbody makes it more casual but if I take the long straps off it's perfectly elegant for dinners and wedding.

I did look at the Monceau as worn by Miranda Kerr. By I think that's even smaller then the Alma BB but love it on her!

Here are some #throwback pics.
Back in 2008 in Paris where I bought my first ever LV (Speedy 25 Damier Azur)

Walking down Champ de Elysee

Resting at the Louvre

 And here's a pic from yesterday at the Company's open house with my bag and miss PinkBrolly

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness.. I LOVE THE ALMA BB!!

    Hampir beli dah tp mcm fikir nak kene save duit utk baby kan huhuhu... but i love love love ALMA BB.. you should see also it in Pomme D'Amour

    Tp nothing beats the Rose Velours *cryyyy*


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