Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Olay Pro X

Olay came out with their own version of the Clarisonic cleaning system! And at a fraction of the costs. When Tammy at Plusizekitten reviewed it, of course I had to get mine! 

The features
Inside the box
The machine

My review:

I love it!! It makes the skin so smooth as it does a great job to exfoliate. 
Whenever my nose area starts to get bumpy, I would use it to make it nice and smooth again.

I use it every other day and at the slower speed as I didn't want to strip my skin off. I also use it on my neck to really exfoliate and clean that area. 

As I get older my neck is starting to show lines! Let me give you a tip, when you clean your face DO NOT forget to clean your neck area as well. And your toner, moisturiser and serum..extend all those products to your neck too. This is to prevent your neck from aging and lines.

No abnormal breakouts after use so definitely worth the buy!

Price: RM155.50 (now it's only RM110 at the same website)
Purchased from :

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