Monday, 28 September 2015

Nazrin's 4th Fireman Themed Birthday Party

It was gonna be his last birthday party as the only child so we wanted to throw him a very special one. We asked Nazrin what cake he wanted for his birthday and he insisted on another Excavator cake. But then Kimi had this idea of calling the Fire Department to ask whether we could have the party either at the Fire Station or get them to come to the house. Apparently you can ask the Fire Department as they try to encourage fire education to children but you need to check with your local fire station. So anyways, from there we decided to have the Fireman theme.

So first thing to do was to google FREE PRINTABLE! 
I managed to get a whole set from HERE

The dessert table was DIY-ed. I was super happy with the outcome and you gotta love Daiso for having those cones and firetrucks at RM5 a pop! 

I ordered the cake from Natte @nhomebakes (instagram) and she did an awesome job with the decorations! Nazrin and I were wowed from the pictures she sent us and he was so happy to see the real cake! And the cake was so delicious too (of course!)

We hired a bouncy castle from @ohbouncycastle and it was such a hit with the kids. We prayed so hard (MIL even sembahyang hajat) that it wouldn't rain that day. We only had some rain during the party and near 7pm it started chucking it down with rain! Alhamdulillah...phew. I wanted to get my money's worth for hiring it! hehe

Kimi managed to pull off the BIG surprise. When I asked him whether he managed to get the Fire Department to come to the party, he didn't and couldn't confirm so you can imagine how excited I was when the fire truck came by! Nazrin was more awed than excited actually. They even brought a mini fireman suit for him to put on. As the party was held at home there were limited activities that could be done. No fire demonstration so Nazrin had a turn to hold the water hose and the kids went inside the fire truck.

The fire truck is HERE!

Thank you Appa!

I think everyone got pretty excited with the Fire Truck!

With most of the guests that day

I know you loved your birthday party. Now you're insisting that almost every week is your birthday!
Happy birthday Nazrin! Mummy prays that you become a good boy and a good brother to your adik later. I hope that you become anak yang solehah and you achieve what you want in life. We love you so much and we hope that you never forget that!

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