Thursday, 1 September 2016

the KL dUCk

I am not a "duCKie", who would try and berebut each and every limited edition shawl that comes about but I have been wanting the KL dUCk. I even got my sister to drop by the Petronas souvenir shop as she said they were sold there but when she went, it was long sold out.

So when they announced that they were releasing the KL dUCk again and this time with more colours I was stoked. I REALLY want one! Or TWO so it seems!!

My dUCk battle story this time had a happy ending. On the morning (and when I saw morning it was at 1.40am) that it was released, I dozed off the previous night while nursing Aaman so I woke up at 1am. I was mustering the energy to wake up and pray Isyak, wash bottles etc and remembered that they were releasing the scarves today. So I kept checking back from 1am and lo and behold at 1.40am they were released! SUPER DUPER lucky! I had access to all colours and I almost wanted to put them all in the cart and sell them off later but then again I refuse to be one of those resellers. So I just bought what I wanted which was the black and grey one!

I have to say that I do spend time reading the comments on IG of disgruntled customers who didn't get their hands on one. I think that it is unfair for resellers or personal shoppers to put such a huge mark up at resale. However I don't think it's Vivy nor theduckgroup's fault. They have tried their hardest to make it easy and better for everyone. It's just that the demand is just TOO huge! I think everyone needs to chill and not get too obsessed with the scarves. Just think if as rezeki, if you get it GREAT but if not just let it go. No need to queue up from the wee early hours, no need to spend the extra RM100 but I guess when the brand has gotten so STRONG that it's becoming a collector's item, I can't blame them for wanting to complete their collection. And I got my scarf this time...boleh la cakap kan? heheh

Ok enough with the dUCk, bought a few now but have YET to wear them!

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