Monday, 14 October 2013

Unboxing - Micheal Kors Selma in Pearl grey

So obviously i could wait!!
Went out to MK Pavillion and bought it straight  away!
Papparazzied by Adzy

The box was so huge that it took up most of my window sil
In the dustbag
New baby fresh out of the box
So many compartments! 
2 more slots on the other side
The bottom studs
Up close!
The bag without the shoulder straps (Not sure why the grey is looking darker in these 2 last pics but the earlier pics show the true colour of the bag ie light grey)
With shoulder strap

So why did I buy it straight away?
I think this bag is perfect for work and best of all it's not ridiculously expensive so might as well buy it now and start using it (and pay for it later eeekk).
They didn't have it in pomegranate but I fell in love with the Pearl Grey when I set eyes on it. So much easier to match too!
Will try and post this bag with an #ootd.

RRP: RM1,719
Purchased at : Micheal Kors, Pavillion


  1. Dina,
    I have a similar bag with the leopard chain handles. Careful when you use the long strap-its not meant for long wearing with heavy stuffs in the bag. The stitches on the connector (?!) for the long straps is unfolding already (only one area) after 3 months of frequent usage. I went to MK shop in Msia (I bought mine in US), was advised as above. I didn't put heavy stuffs pon in it all these while - how can I, carrying Imran and a heavy handbag w no husband to help most of the time?! I purposely bought it sbb wanted to carry baby and look good. It costs rm100 for 3 days for MK to stitch it up. I haven't done so, will prolly do it here in London.

    I still love the bag, still frowning. Haven't used it for 2 months now.

  2. Oh lupa nak ckp.....santekkkkkkk beg youuuuu!!

  3. hey dy!! thanks for the heads up. will try to avoid using the straps then. i would use this mostly for work so won't be using the long strap as much. miss you besfrennn xxx

  4. Dina... Haha I bought the same bag too for work but I bought the one in luggage.


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