Thursday, 3 October 2013


Brand new bracelet! woot woott...I had my old one exchanged with a new one actually.
What happened was I have an airplane charm, so when I tried to rearrange my charms the other day it got stuck at the separator. I kept trying to get it out and move it but it ended up MOVING the separator. 

Checked on the website and Pandora has a 12 months warranty but the bracelet was bought by my husband and I have no idea where my receipt was. I went to KLCC as they said they could check their system but unfortunately I forgot the phone number my husband registered (he recently changed numbers). The SA tried to look for it but there were loads of receipts that they had to go through. So I left her while I did my shopping so when I came back she apologized as she didn't have time to go through and find my receipt. I walked away disappointed with my wonky bracelet. 

Over the weekend, I received a phone call and the SA has found my receipt!! I did give her a time frame of when Kimi would have bought it to narrow down the search. But I didn't expect that she would look for it in her own time, so thumbs up Pandora KLCC!

Went back yesterday to exchange the bracelet and got a brand spanking new one. I even managed to get a size down as the original size was a bit too big (once it loosened). Well, also grabbed myself two new charms (2 purple ones in the middle). Now I need to go back to Pavillion outlet to exchange the plane one coz that was the culprit that started it all!

Thanks again Jasmine from Pandora KLCC for your help. You have just become my favourite Pandora SA!

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