Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blog Makeover

I have decided to give my blog a make over! So do you love it or DO YOU LOVE IT?!! Sorry! So excited I couldn't contain it!! hehe

I noticed that the popular blogs in Malaysia and Internationally (ie with so many followers and clicks) are clean and crisps. Did you know at the bottom of each blog, there is usually a link of who designed the template? So after reading Kay's blog I clicked at the blog template designer's link and there starts my search for the new template.

I have always thought that templates are expensive but there is an option between a premade template or custom made ones. The premade ones are generic templates with some customisation where as custom made ones are create from scratch especially for you.

I found two sites with really nice premade blogger templates;

DesignerBlogs (USD15)

BlogaholicDesign (ranges from USD10 - USD50)

Oh also a fellow blogger of mine Sabrina Tajudin also designs blog templates. So check her out too!!

After days of going gooly eyes (RAMBANG MATA) at all the beautiful templates and many consultations from my budding designer buddies, I finally decided on Nadia from DesignerBlogs. Major love!! It's simple but the colourful banner kinda sums me up. Bright and cheery!

Just a few comments on the template from DesignerBlogs;

The customisation options are quite limited;

  • text color
  • sidebar text color
  • link color
  • link hover color
  • date color
  • blog title color
  • date font
  • text font
  • post footer font
  • sidebar text font

You can't change the width or anything else except for the above.
The ones from blogholic are more flexible.

Installation is easy peasy. After payment they send you a link to download the tempate. Then you can install it with a click of a button from your blogger page. But make sure you do a BACK UP first!!!!

So if you go on over to check out the templates if you're thinking of revamping your site. Warning though, you will spend AGES trying to decide as they are SOOO beautiful and SOOO many to choose from!!

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  1. aw.. thank you for mentioning! i think your blog is super awesome! i love clean neat design like this! <2


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