Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Origami Owl Launch

A friend of mine Shasa Aziz is hosting a jewellery bar!!
What's that you ask me??

Well she is bringing in Origami Owl (from the US) and will be having a launch this weekend!

What is Origami Owl??

Well think about Chopard's Happy Diamonds Necklace

Anniversary present Yang puhleaseeee???

But it's Chopard so that's a bit far fetched.
Next best thing would be an Origami Owl.

It has the same concept but it's even better because it's totally customisable!!! 
Sort of like your Pandora or Thomas Sabo, but on a necklace!
U have a pendant casing where you pick the cute charms that you put inside!!

Here's how to make one:

Here are some examples:

I am so excited and can't wait to make one!!


Email -
whatsapp +447921193447

Website - Origami Owl

Hurry up and RSVP your slot before it gets filled up!!

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