Thursday, 12 December 2013

Catching Fire

My most anticipated movie of the year!

Honestly the reason that I read the first book was that we were travelling to Kuching and the book was in my iPad. And when I started, iIcouldn't stop! The movie was long out by then and I watched it after reading the book. Nothing beats watching movie after reading the book cos the movie tend to miss out bits and pieces. 

So prior to watching Catching Fire I made sure I finished the book. I literally finished it a few days before and I couldn't wait to watch it. 

OMG the movie was soo good. i was sitting with my body leaned forward most of the time. Reading the book was great, but to see everything described visually and come to life is another. My fave scene was when Katniss' wedding dress transformed her into a mockingkay upon twirling. That was just breathtaking! Fave scene ever!! Loved loved the whole movie. I also felt so emotional during the whole movie where I teared up a few times.

On a side note these kinda comments from people were totally getting on my nerves:

1- when people say 'I'm watching Hunger Games tonight' - I just wanna scream out..."CATCHING FIRE you mean??". But then again the movie is usually listed as The Hunger Games : Catching Fire so it's not their fault really

2- when people tell me that the ending was like WHATTT??? - It's the second series of the trilogy, obviously it hasn't ended yet and it will be continued in the following book/movie.

But I think that's just me being a show off cos I read the book :p

I have started reading the last book. Can't wait for that one to come out. 

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