Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Birthday Dinner with my Bangi girls, Birthday present #3, 4 and 5.

The week after my Dengue stint, I finally managed to go out to celebrate my birthday properly.

Diana organised a dinner with my Bangi girls + Paris.

Diana and I started off by getting our hair washed. I also got a mani pedi. Yeay shiny nails and nice hair!!

Then Diana passed me my birthday present 
Present #3 - From Diana Part I

Pandora charms

The teal Murano charm and the starfish (with the blue stone)
Then we headed to Sri Ayutthaya. I wanted to eat a proper rice meal and I've never been there before! No pic of the food, as we were all famished! Then the birthday cake! Lola Choc Cake from Wondermilk!

Present #4 from Nadia, Ann and Paris.Paris the Queen of FFK didn't turn up in the end. He couldn't get transportation to come! Thank you Bimbotches!!
Stila Make Up set!!
Present #5 - From Diana Part II
Chanel Make Up!

Inside is a compact powder, lipstick and lip gloss. I now have a stock of make up to last me a year!

Thank you darlings for coming and celebrating with me!
I feel so spoiled with love this year!! Lucky me!!

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