Monday, 27 January 2014

32nd SURPRISE birthday party!

On the eve of my birthday, I was down and sick.
My husband was no where to be seen. Apparently he was fishing! So I was feeling sorry for myself, as I was sick and left all alone.

Unknown to me, dear hubby planned a surprise birthday party.

In the evening, mum suddenly called me and said "I'm picking you up, I cooked rendang. Jom makan!" So up I went to try and eat something (no appetite!). Then after eating she said "Let's go to the park, take Milah out". I wanted to go home so she said she'll drop me off at home.

Upon reaching home, I saw everyone's car parked outside.
They were having a BBQ in the garden. Kimi who was cooking the chicken turned around and said "Surprise Yang!!"

I walked inside the house to find all these balloons and decorations!!
It was planned by him with the help of his brothers and cousin.
Mind you, the organiser and helpers were men so I was shocked to see pink balloons, decorations and door gifts!!!

Kimi bought the balloons and decorations. He even bought and prepared door gifts for all the guest which I thought was the sweetest!!

The beautiful decorations!
Cupcakes made with love by my sister in law Ninin

The organising Committee-  "The Pertabi"

Food and Deco Committee 

 Yon (K's cousin) even had to panjat Kimi to hang the streamers!)

The most excited person to cut the cake was Nazrin!
My family minus Jat and Teerah. Wished that everyone was there!
Almost everyone!!
Jimi and Mas (Bday Present Committee)
Cake Committee
The birthday presents!
Although I didn't and couldn't even eat a single thing, it was such a happy happy day!
I was so touched that Kimi went through all the trouble to organise this! They created a whatsapp group called "The Hijabster" haha!!

Thank you everyone who helped. Thanks Mama for making the Mee Udang (that I didn't get to eat *cryyy*)
Thanks everyone for coming!

I am forever grateful for such a wonderful family! Alhamdulillah!

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