Thursday, 9 January 2014

Scalp Cleansing at Miko Galere

During my Special Day Out, we set aside time in the morning to do our hair or mani/pedi before shopping. So we booked Miko Gallery at Pavillion.

First they did a scalp analysis and this is my scalp.

Look how grotty that is! Oily scalp that's clogging up the pores. This is why my hair has been falling too. All down to unhealthy scalp.

So they suggest a scalp cleansing. This basically washes all those oil and impurities (ye ke?? eh?? hehe) off so your pores are not clogged up.

Here is a before pic of my hair.

First they put the cleanser all over the scalp.
hen they used this machine.Apparently it takes away all those dirt and crap off your scalp.

Next up is a head and neck massage then it's all rinsed off. A round of Kerastase shampoo and rinse. Voilaaa...this is my scalp afterwards.

Noticed how you can see the circular pore around the hair? And no more yucky oil.

I got a trim and layer on the hair and they curled the bottom too.

Loved my hair! If only it could look and be styled like this everyday!

This is my hairstylist for the day, Tom Ooi.
He showed me his pictures of his other clients and he apparently has styled Aaron Aziz's hair.
So he touched Aaron's hair and now he has touched mine. Can i deduce that I have touched Aaron's hair?? haha

Anyways here are the details:

Miko Galere
Lot 6.07.00 Level 6, Pavillion

Scalp Cleansing

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