Thursday, 6 February 2014

Birthday Lunch with the CBAs & Birthday Present #7 & 8

Sorry if you're sick of all the birthday updates! But too bad, another entry here! :p

So the last celebration was with my CBA girls. These are my office mates, my confidant, my loves.

We headed to BEAST at the Intermark for lunch.

Loved the deco and ambiance of the place. But not fancying how dark it was in there!
The lunch menu
We all had the 2 course meal for RM35 which I thought was a pretty good deal.
Minute Steak

My CBAs (it stands for Can't Be Arsed). It started when we were trying to give our BB group name and it was a Friday and I just told everyone how I couldn't be arsed to do any work. Then one of the girls (Jid?) said "name it CBA!" so we've been using it ever since!

Dayana and Adzy
Natte', yours truly and Jid

Present # 7 - Jo Malone perfumes

If you're wondering why there are 2 - the idea is you can wear the perfume on its own or combine them together. They are suppose to complement each other. I got the English Pear & Freesia and Wild Bluebell.

Present #8 - Origami Owl locket

If you remember, my friend Shasa has brought in Origami Owl into Malaysia. So the girls and Shasa got me a locket and the charms they chose were "Mom" in Tiffany Blue, a ring and "D". The lockets goes perfectly with last year's birthday present, my Tiffany Key (from Kimi) and the Tiffany chain (from the CBAs).

I love the background of the locket. It really sums up my birthday this year because I truly feel "BLESSED" to have such great family and friends who love me! Syukur Alhamdulillah!

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