Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Year End Bag Haul

Hello darlings!!

Hope all is well...been really busy at this end. Leaving the house early in the morning and leaving the office when it's dark.

Anyways a slightly overdue entry but I had a small bag spree earlier this year.

Basically I have a friend who likes to sell off her handbags and most of the ones she sells she has only used once or twice. So I purchase this little baby off her.


Inside the clutch

Beige in colour so that it's easy to match.
Only one card slot in it though but fairly sizeable.


Then she also had this extra Micheal Kors Zippy Wallet. She picked this up at an outlet store in the US for her friend in two colours but her friend decided to take the other colour. So she sold this off to me as well. This was at such a bargain at RM300 only. At the MK store here a zippy wallet was sold for around RM700-RM800!!


Inside the wallet

Many card slots!!
And I love the gold leather!
Size comparison

Do share if you have purchased any new bags lately!
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