Sunday, 23 March 2014

Melbourne Part I - The kindness of strangers

Shortly after our arrival in Melbourne, after we dropped off our bags at the hotel, we stopped by Yes Optus (one of the telco companies) to buy a sim card. After requesting for a prepaid sim card, I was searching for my iPhone in my handbag. After frantically searching, I realised that it's no where to be seen! =(

We headed to Federation Square next. The main reason we went there was because there was free wi-fi and I wanted to update my instagram but obviously I couldn't do that without a phone. For the rest of the afternoon, K was taking pics of me and I plastered on a smile but I was feeling slightly sad about losing my phone. I was thinking that maybe I'll just get an iPhone 5C as a replacement but K said just wait and try to ask the reception just in case someone has turned it in. He suspected that maybe I dropped it in the cab on the way from the airport.

When we got to the hotel reception, after getting our room keys I asked whether anyone has turned in a phone by any chance?

Receptionist : "What kind of phone?"
Me: "an iPhone 5"
Receptionist : "It's your lucky day!!"
and passes over my phone!!

When asked if I left it at the counter, she said that a businessman handed it in!
So I presume that the cab driver, asked his next passenger if he could drop it off on his way and this passenger was kind enough to stop by the hotel!!!

I was stunned, gobsmacked and most of all grateful for the kindness of the taxi driver and the kind businessman. The taxi driver was a fellow muslim as I noticed his 'sejadah' in his boot. While the business man, god knows who he was.

This is a pic taken from the cab and I can see the cab driver's ID number. so I am going to write an email to the cab company in the hope that my "Thank You" get passed on to him.

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