Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bimbotches - Happy birthday ANN!

My bimbothches are my high school besties which consists of Nadia, Ann, Paris and I.
Nadia and I were in the same class in Form 4, Nadia and Ann were best friends since primary school while Paris and Ann were in the same class.

It's been a while that we get to celebrate a birthday together, so I happy that we managed to arrange this super simple one. Nothing fancy, no fondant cake, no goody bags, no candy buffet but a yummy secret recipe cake, some pizza and satay. Most importantly it was nice to just hang out, just us together.

Happy birthday Ann darling. I know this year will be another amazing year. Praying that lots of rezeki and good health comes your way. Love 

Enjoy the pics!

Tgk tu! Pasang candle on the floor je hehe
SURPRISE!!! she was already in her baju tidur
The bimbotches
The bimbotches
Us with Ann's siblings

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