Tuesday, 8 April 2014

RIP Peaches Geldoff


I followed her on instagram a while back as she is a mother who is pro breast feeding and also practices attachment parenting. So it was nice to see that she co-sleeps with her boys. She has a huge following of mothers on instagram who asks her questions and most times she would answer. 

I followed her when she only had Astala and saw how he grew up. Then she got pregnant with Pheadra so I saw her pregnancy journey. A previous wild child who had troubles with drugs, she said that being a mother put her on the right path. All her vids show how loving she is to her boys. 

So I was shocked and devestated to find that she is dead. Only at the tender age of 25 she was found dead yesterday. The police said that her death was sudden and unexplainable but rules out suicide or drugs. Another mystery, but my heart just breaks thinking of her two lovely sons who now has to grow up without their mum. 

Rest in Peace Peaches...

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