Thursday, 29 May 2014

Doppelgänger Teachers

I have been on courses these past 2 weeks and I have noticed that both of my lecturers remind me of someone. The resemblance is uncanny!!

Lecturer 1

Doppelganger to Cam from Modern Family
His actions are the same too where he goes camp (read: ala2 lembut sikit) at times.
He was funny though where he would be cracking jokes every half an hour.
Some jokes are even so lame that you want to hit yourself on the head!

Mind you he is a Dr and an MVP (Excel Pro)
He has a CA, CPA and CIMA and writes exams for the Chartered Accountants board.

I got slightly depressed at the thought that we both have the same background (ie we went to Warwick University, both have CA and worked at E&Y) but look at what I am doing and what I have achieved (or lack there of) compared to him.

Lecturer 2

Doppelganger to Gru from Despicable Me!

He taught was Macro and VBA programming.
He has made me realised that preparing my monthly accounts can be automated at the push of a button!!! He has opened the world of VBA programming to me and he pushed us to go further by learning more via the internet. Most times, after a course you tend to forget about it but no, he pointed us to the websites that has good tutorials and encouraged us to discover more of the VBA world.

Now I am super excited to do this month's accounts!!

I also learned some more shortcuts to Excel which I didn't know before so I wanted to share them with you!

Hope u find it usefull!!

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