Monday, 26 May 2014

Friday Haul

It was pay day last Friday so I went on a little spree.

Sephora had it's 20% off member's sale so my hands were itching to get something. I was out of mascara and decided to splurge on Dior's Iconic Overcurl Mascara.

I also got this hair spray so that I can try new hairstyles!

Then I went to Kiehl's as I needed a heat protector for my hair so that I can use the hair straightener. It wasn't that pricey at RM70 per tube!

I also got a small sample of Kiehl's new moisturiser.

Oh and I also bought this bokkita hijab. It's a 'sarung-je' style which is so easy to wear. Perfect for all those kenduris. 

What's your latest purchase??

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