Friday, 23 May 2014

GHD Hair Straightener

Now that my ages has reached the number 3 in front, I am having hair problems.
I was losing a LOT of hair and it is also frizzy and unruly!

Luckily I have managed to find a solution for my hair loss (read about it here) but it was so frizzy. I went for Keratin hair treatment (read about it here) but that was a bust too. 

Lately my girlfriend Nadia has been talking about her hair straightener, GHD.
Back in the UK, everybody uses this but I didn't have any problem with my hair then so I never bothered about it. Now I really want to get one to help my hair look nice! I never realised how EXPENSIVE it is!!! I have been browsing amazon and it costs about RM600 onwards! I was thinking of getting my friend's SIL who is in the UK to buy it and bring it back but she said she'll see what hair straightener she has and pass them to me as she no longer uses it.

Next morning at the office, she said "I might make your day today, look what I found!"


This morning I tried it on and it makes my hair looks so much better. I no longer look like I just rolled out of bed!!
It takes a minute to heat up (it beeps when it's ready) and it just GLIDES on your hair! It's kinda scary to see how much smoke (? asap i mean) comes out so I need to get some spray on heat protector pronto! 

I love GHD!! I'll be having Good Hair Day (that's what it stands for you know!!) everyday now!!!

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