Friday, 9 May 2014

Learning and development

Nazrin will be 3 years old in 3 months.
He is at that stage where he is talking in sentences (or at least he tries to!).
The other day he asked me "We going what mummy??" he gets what and where mixed up it's so cute! I am just so amazed at how he is trying to speak!

At the start of the year I wanted to send him to Playschool but he wasn't too keen on the idea (kept crying at the mention of school) and my hubby felt "kesian" so I didn't force it. He can count but not recognise the numbers and he knows and recognise a few letters. Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook about my friend's kids going to Entry Level Assessments to get into the local school. Wow the pressure for our kids these days! Back in our days, kids were just learning to read at Standard 1 and now they are expected to know all that already PRIOR entering primary school. Ugh I try NOT to be one of those mums who compares their kids to other but I can't help but feel a bit panicky! Part of me wants to let him be, let him play with his trucks and "kompang" but at the same time I don't want my kid to fall behind or pressure him too much. 

So I browsed around on the internet and came across this book.

This gives you a curriculum of what you could do with your child at home and covers all the alphabets. For example for the letter A, it shows you how to introduce the Letter "A" and then it also gives you instructions on all the A activities. The book costs USD6.99 (around RM25) so I will give this a try.

Link here :

Here is another link to MORE letter activities from

Link :

I just hope that I can get him to sit still and go through one activity before he wonders off back to his trucks and excavators! Wish me luck!!

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