Saturday, 10 May 2014

Melbourne Part V - Day Four

On our final day in Melbourne we planned to meet up with my old Aussie buddy of mine Michelle. We have been friends since we were 12 and 20 years later and 2 kids I am happy that we have kept in touch. We tend to see each other every few couple of years. I went to Brisbane for our friend's wedding in 2005, then she came to London a few times so I went to meet up with her.She came to my wedding back in 2010 so it's been 4 years since! They flew down from Brisbane especially to meet us and their flights costed about the same as ours!!

Us back in 2008 (?)
Us in 2014

We went to the zoo via the train and it was a few stops from the Southern Cross Train Station and we got off at Royal Park Station. Here are the price list.

The zoo itself was not super big but we promised to show Nazrin kangaroo and koala so we HAD to bring him.
Nazrin watching the Kangaroos lazing about

Us with the Koala

This beautiful lil girl is Ella!! 

We got to the Elephant area and I liked how they have decorated it as if we were in Thailand.
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The elephant
Nazrin and Ella riding the (wooden) Elephants
Us with our kids! 
Ella is 14 months but she is as big as Nazrin!

Hope to see you again soon Michelle and Ella.

Nazrin often asks me "Mummy where's Ella??" now that we're back here. So hopefully we can plan a trip to Brisbane next!

After the zoo, we went back to the city centre to look around and maybe do some shopping. We took the train back and got off at Melbourne Central. I went to Peter Alexander (a store that specialises in sleep wear) to get a birthday present for a friend. I was gutted that I didn't find Lush anywhere! I was disappointed shopping wise in general as I didn't find anything that I fancy.

Anyways I made a point to stop by at Max Brenner. You can't go to Melbourne and NOT have their choc lava cake!!

This certainly DID NOT disappoint!

My cappucino with the melted choc!!
Kimi's choc waffle
Then we walked around the city a bit more and headed towards Eureka Tower.
This is the tallest building in Melbourne and the architect who designed it is also designed the building my company is building. The architect reminds me of Richard Gere (hehe *gelak gedik*) as he is so charming, so I was secretly hoping to bump into him. My boss told me to stop by and say hi but it was already after office hours so the office is closed already.
The entrance

On the 88th floor
Up on the Skydeck, the have a special feature called "The Edge". Where you go to a special section that extends outwards from the building. Then they get you to look down to the floor and BOOM suddenly the floor is transparent and you're looking down from 297 metres height! I was expected it to be scary or at least some adrenaline rush but it was just "eh that's it?". I guess if you're afraid of heights it would have been scary.

The view from up here is amazing. At night it would have been superb but we didn't wait until it was dark.

Someone was more interested in the moving letters on the floor.
When we got down, we walked along the Southbank. Nazrin and I even took so funny face selfies.

We got some McDonalds for dinner and bought some ingredients for Nasi Goreng. Then headed back to the apartment to call it a day. So there you go, our final day in Melbourne.

Overall, what a wonderful holiday it was for us. After planning it for over a year, we were so happy that we got the see the F1! Nazrin was an angel through out the trip so I could not be more thankful.  So as I wrap up my Melbourne entries I shall leave you with this last picture of Melbourne from the Skydeck of Eureka Tower.

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