Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Melaka Weekend Getaway

We had Avillion Legacy Melaka hotel vouchers to use up before the end of May (as part of being an Avillion Premier Club Member) so last weekend, we decided to go to Melaka for a weekend getaway. 

First stop : Taman Buaya Melaka

We have been to the zoo before, so we decided to check this place out instead.
Entrance fee was RM15 (with MyKad)

There were so many crocs around!! But crocs are passive animals so they don't move much (at all for that matter!). The whole Taman is not huge where they have many separate areas for different types of crocs and also separate "cages" for other crocodiles. There were over 100 crocodiles in the whole Taman. 

Check out the chicken feathers in between the teeth!

Upon entering, there is a mini Malaysia exhibition where they have mini replicas of Malaysian iconic buildings.

They also have a Koi Feeding area where you pay RM3 to bottle feed Koi fishes. Bizarre right?!!
Then they also have an area for rabbits which you can go in and play with but we didn't see any rabbits in sight. Maybe they were in the little houses so we didn't stop by. They was also an aviary area with different species of birds and also turtles and raccoons.

We also caught the show where they did some magic show. Then comes the crocodile show where they kiss the croc, put their hand in and also put money in using their mouth. I remembered the show being so exhilarating back when I saw it last when I was like 8 years old. The croc show only lasted 10 mins. It took longer to drag the crocs out from their areas! But I guess for a 3 year old it was exciting!

Second stop : Avillion Legacy Melaka

We wanted to find Claypot Asam Pedas but we got confused with the one way road system that we decided to go straight to the hotel for our lunch.

Lunch was free as I had 2 complimentary Hi-Tea vouchers. As it was Hi-Tea the menu was blerghhhh...Can't complain much as it was free. But all they had was (and I could list them up!)
Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Potato Wedges, Sayur Goreng, Fried Seafood Stick, Roast Chicken, Grilled Fish, Mee Tom Yam, Tauhu Bakar (they didn't have the Tauhu Bakar Sauce!!), Rojak buah, fruits and desserts. There you go! hahaha

We got there at 1.30pm and we could check in straight away although official check in time is at 3pm. The room was spacious for a Superior Deluxe room (had to request for a King bed) but our bathtub could not be used as the stopper wouldn't work (ie can't have a bath, shower only). We all had an afternoon nap.

Third stop : Jonker Walk

We weren't sure where to park so we parked at Hard Rock Cafe. We had to valet our car (RM10 on entry and RM5 per hour - RM25 in total that we paid) but we didn't want to go round and round to find parking so we paid it.

We found Jonker Walk and walked down the "pasar malam". Saw so many tantalising food but I wasn't too confident on the Halal-ness of it so we didn't buy anything. We were very full from lunch anways.

We were approached by so many Trishaw men, I wanted to go on a ride (RM25 for one round around the area) and they assured us that they can take us 3 but Kimi didn't want to.

Fourth stop : Hard Rock Cafe

We then went to Hard Rock for dinner!

Fifth stop : Melaka River Cruise

While having dinner we saw the boats pass by the river so we had to find it! Drove to Menara Taming Sari (which was soo close by actually) and we managed to find a RM2 parking. It's after the round about of the Red Church, take the right lane (the road branches into two) and on the left is a parking area (just before the big brown ship). From the parking you can see signs for the cruise.

Tickets were RM10 (with MyKad so don't forget your IC!!) for adults.
The cruise take around 45 mins where they go up the river and back. But it was such a nice trip, to see Melaka from the river. They have painted the buildings en-route to reflect some history (ie Hang Tuah). I suggest that you take the cruise at night when it's not hot. I absolutely loved this, so I highly recommend it!!

Kimi : "Macam kat Venice yang!"

Feeling2 Venice la konon hehe

Sixth stop : Muzium Samudera

Kimi loves him museums and he researched this one especially. It's a ship (from back in the days when Melaka as a trading port ) which has been converted into a museum.

Tickets were RM3 (with MyKad)
Inside there information on Melaka as a trading port, the government of Melaka back then and lots of mini ship replicas. Those are the only bits I read to tell you the truth hehe

I wanted to do a foodie trip but I guess we're not that kinda family to travel around to FIND place to eat. I guess we prefer convinience and we prefer to spend time visiting place. All in all it was a lovely trip. Melaka has done well to maintain the city as a great tourist destination! In line with Visit Malaysia 2014 campaign, go have a visit!!

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