Monday, 12 May 2014

Sofinas 2.1

The Sofinas craze is back!
Today she revealed the finale with 6 new colours.
The last batch that came out, I wanted to the get blush pink one but it all sold out quicker than pisang goreng. At the pre-order, I wanted to buy it again but didn't. 
So now this is my last chance!

The winning factor of this bag is how versatile it is. It can be worn 3 different ways, but for me it's perfect as the mummy bag. It's light weight and spacious that I can fit everything in there!! 

I bagged (pun intended) the orange one! My first instinct was on the mint green but I already have a green bag and orange reminds me of Hermes anyways. 

Half an hour later...only 3 colours left!
Mint green still available...should I??

Hats off to Vivy as she truly is an entreprenaur. She knows that she has a 'brand' and she is totally milking it.
She has also released her own brand of scarves called dUck Scarves.

So did you get a Sofinas??
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