Monday, 23 June 2014

Bad experiences with taxi drivers

Basically I live only 30 - 45 minutes away from KLIA so whenever I get a cab from the airport back to home I always get the dissatisfied looks and mutterings from the cab driver.

The first time was with a metered taxi driver. He was pissed when I told him my home location. Kept shaking his head, swearing under his breath. Basically it was too close for him as they prefer to go into KL at least or even better, customers based in Klang. I was close to tears in the cab, coz it's bad enough that no one wants to pick me up but to get the treatment that I got from the cab driver just made it worst!

Second time around, I got a Limo instead. I warned the person manning the queue before getting in that "Are you sure if it was ok for the driver?" which he replied "He has to! You paid already" which is TRUE! So when I asked the driver, he also shook his head and said "My bad luck! Smlm pon kena hantar situ" Another disgruntled cab driver. This time around, yes he made me cry. Although he was slightly nice about it but he still made me feel like sh*t. On the radio, I could tell that they were walking about me from the mentions of where I live but they were talking in Hindi but I could tell. I swear if I am getting back from the airport all by myself, I think I'll just get the ERL instead.

Seriously it's not my fault that I live close by. I am paying you so spare me the swearing and I-am-menyusahkan face!

Has anyone else had this before??

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  1. Oh! That's not nice. I live in Shah Alam so I have never experienced the treatment you mentioned but I never imagined they would do something like that just because someone stays close to KLIA!

    1. shocking kan??!! obviously they know nothing of the fact that "the customer is always right". thanks for dropping by!


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