Friday, 27 June 2014

Heritage KUL Ball

Last Friday at the very last minute, I was invited (instructed) to attend the Heritage Kul Ball at the Majestic Hotel by the boss.

Panic ensued as I had nothing to wear but work clothes! So a quick SOS to my fashion consultants the CBA girls. They told me to find a chunky necklace and maybe a belt. I managed to borrow one from Sherzam and decided to for go the belt. I swapped my jacket to a plain black one as well. Straightened the hair and slapped some make up on. Voila!

Before and After

The Heritage Kul Ball was hosted by Badan Warisan a body established in order to preserve our heritage such as our Stadium Merdeka, Stadium Negara, Central Market etc. As we work with them closely, plus our Chairman is one of the founding members - we bought a table for support. The event was held at the Majestic Hotel and this hotel is also one of the buildings that Badan Warisan fought to preserve the Colonial elements of it.

Outside the ball, there was a mini bazaar and silent auctions. You could also buy your coupon for drinks outside the hall. 

Some of the paintings - 

With my boss and colleagues
Half of the office

Dinner is served!

The whole event was long!! By 10pm I just managed to finish my main and didn't have time to wait for dessert. The main star of the night was Sheila Majid but the event was until 12pm after which, there was an after party too. She started performing at 11.45pm. I was so gutted to miss out on Sheila's performance and only watched the video that my friend taped. Her daughter Kayda was there too and performed too. Sheila was nice enough to donate her voice!

I hope Badan Warisan managed to raise a lot of money in order to further preserve our old buildings and cultures.

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