Friday, 13 June 2014

I am a mummy who blogs...

I could never bring myself to say that "I am a blogger" coz I don't think that I am.
I am just a mother who likes to blog.

And as a mother, I have priorities and I have to put my family first before any events.
Like last weekend, I had an event with a skincare range that I really wanted to go to. I would even get a full sized skin care range to review (plus I AM running out of moisturiser) but unfortunately I had no babysitter. So I just had to let that go. It's hard to commit sometimes to an event and I hate cancelling at the last minute (sorry organisers!). I also try to limit going to events per month or even every 2 months so that I don't spend my weekends not being with my son. I don't know how those mummy bloggers do it! 

But blogging has opened up many opportunities, the lovely girls at the Butterfly Project, the freebies, the events and contest prizes. Alhamdulillah the biggest prize I won recently was the Dove Skindulgence contest. If you're on my instagram, you would have seen me hashtaging #skindulgence. I had to post pictures for 21 days consecutively according to the themes #eatright #stayactive #betterthanmilk. As a member of the Butterfly Project, if I complete I would get a hamper worth RM150. It was tough trying to complete the challenge as in the last week I was in Melbourne with limited internet access. I made sure that I logged into the hotel wi-fi everynight just to post the pics. But I guess posting pics from overseas gave my entry a slight advantage (maybe? hehe I dunno how I won really :p). In all honesty, I was going for the hamper and when the Dove representative called, I thought they wanted my address so that they could send the hamper. I was ecstatic to find out that I am one of the winners! Apparently one winner couldn't make it and my name was next on the line. I guess luck was on my side coz I really didn't expect to win but yeay!! hehehe

Obviously I had to check with the hubby that I could go and he was happy that I won and allowed me to go! I had to check with my mother in law (and the maid) to check that she is ok to look after my son for 2 nights. Thankfully she agreed!

So here's to a safe and enjoyable 3D2N in Krabi!! I can't wait to see the clear blue waters and chill!

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