Thursday, 12 June 2014

Jid and Ad's Surprise 30th Birthday

As the CBA girls are turning 30 this year (finally they are joining me in the thirties club), we all decided to celebrate big!
Unfortunately for Jid, for her birthday Drog was super busy with work and studies so we couldn't celebrate together as the complete CBA. So we decided to throw her a joint party with Ad a few weeks later. It was tricky to arrange for Ad's birthday and at the same time arrange for Jid's too.
Basically Jid suggested to have breakfast at the Fancy Breakfast Club so she did the arrangements for that.

On the side, I arranged for the decorations (place mats and door gifts), balloons and cake for both of them. I used our friend, Asma to do the decorations and they turned out superb!
The theme was Rustic Chic and she created wooden place mats for each of us and decorated small pails to put chocs in.

On the day itself, Natte who arrived early in Bangsar to get the cake and the balloons. I felt so bad for making the nearly full term pregnant lady to get all the stuff!! Luckily we all made it just in time before Jid did. It was until she saw that table that she realised that we were celebrating her birthday too! Ad arrived 15 minutes later with her husband. She thought her hubby was taking her to breakfast and got really annoyed when her husband decided to wear a T-shirt at her birthday breakfast (not knowing that he won't even be joining!). Thank you so much Syah for sending her over!! She was totallly surprised and was in a daze for a while! hehe

Birthday girl surprised!!

Drog, Jid and I

Everyone really loved the breakfast! The food was superb as per my last entry and we loved having our own space (albeit it was a tad hot)

I had no babysitter so si handsome mulut becok tagged along!

Nazrin enjoying his COLD drink!
All of us!! 6 ladies and 2 gents
For her birthday we got her a Daniel Wellington watch in pink and blue strap.
Anything that Vivy wears she loves so obviously she loves our present!

Jid & Adzy

 Happy birthday my darling girls!! Hope you loved your 30th Surprise birthday as much as I loved mine 2 years ago!! LOLA (lots of love always) from Kak Yong

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