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Krabi - Day One

Day One Itinerary

Lunch at Restaurant
Cooking Class
1 Hour Thai Massage
Free and Easy

As I told you before, I was one of the Grand Prize winner of the Dove School of Skindulgence contest. The prize was a 3D/2N trip to Krabi, ALL (almost all) EXPENSE PAID TRIP!

So last Friday, I took the day off and headed to KLIA for our trip.

Meet up with Sabby Prue at KLIA and upon calling our travel agent Mr. Goon we met up with everyone else at gate C18. Surprisingly no representative from Dove was present so it felt very impersonal. But oh well, we got a free trip so THANK YOU DOVE! Before boarding, all the winners got accquainted and they seem like a fun and friendly bunch.

We were flown with MAS and the flight only took an hour. It was so quick!!

At the airport, one of the girl bought a simcard from True H for 200 Baht (RM20) for 3G access for the 3 days so we all followed suit and bought the same. They even changed the sim card and do the settings for you. So do look out for a small stall just outside the departure gate.

The 3G network coverage on this carrier is superb! Even when we were in the jungle, the 3G coverage was at full bar.

Our guide for the whole trip is called Sam! Such a lovely soft spoken guy.

On they was to the hotel, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

We were amazed at the spread of dishes that was served! The dishes were so delicious but unfortunately we were not that hungry so there were plenty of left over!

After stuffing ourselves with yummy Thai food, we were sent to the hotel to check in.

Our home for the next 3 days, Mercure Krabi Daveena Hotel in Ao Nang.

We all got a room each! My room unfortunately is twin bedded (I wished I had a King bed instead). But the room was spacious nonetheless with a huge rain shower (I wanted a bath tub tho-ishk byk nya demand!! :p I am starting to sound ungrateful. SORRY! hehe)

The hotel is a 4 star hotel with great amenities like a long pool (think Hard Rock pool at Penang), kids room and gym.

However one thing I want to comment about is it tends to blackout quite often. On the last night, the blackout happened consecutively and so many times that I was getting freaked out thinking "is it a ghost playing with the switch?!"

So after checking in and resting for half an hour, we were picked up by Ya's Cooking School in a Tuk Tuk.

Here we learnt how to cook Thai dishes all from scratch!! The Chef is Chef Ya and she taught us the following dishes.

1. Curry Pastes (made from scratch)
2. Green Curry
3. Panang Curry with Chicken or Beef 
( similar to satay ) 
4. Pad Thai ( Fried Noodle Thai Style ) 
5. Papaya Salad ( Som Tom )
6. Tom Kar Kai ( Chicken in Coconut Milk ) 
7. Stir Fry Chicken with holy Basil
8. Stir Fry Morning Glory
9. Banana and Coconut Milk 

Surprisingly everything was so easy and quick to prepare! I can't wait to try and make the Tom Yam and also Green Curry!! After cooking, we were served all the dishes we cooked. Again our table was so full with the dishes! Although we were not that hungry, we managed to do a pretty good job in eating most of it!

What a wonderful experience it was to learn how to cook the dishes.
For 1,200 Baht, I think it's totally worth it. And they used Halal Chicken so no problems there!!

Let me introduce to you the Dove Krabi girls (L-R)
JennieSwee SanLulu ,EvelynChef Ya ,Sabby , DinaElanaKylieSherryYin Yin
Our hashtags on Instagram was #Krabi11 though as Jennie's boyfriend came along too hehe

With out stomach full and reaching buncit, we went back to the hotel to rest for a while. At 7pm, Sam came and picked us up to take us to the Spa. Well actually we all walked to the Spa next door to the hotel where we were treated to an hour Thai Massage.

If you have never experienced a Thai Massage before, their massage does not require any oil. They basically massage and fold our body! So be prepared to be sat on and stretched about! The price for an hour Thai Massage is 200 - 250 Baht (depending on the shop/spa). That's RM20- RM25!!! SUPER DUPER CHEAP!

After our massage, my body does feel lighter so we all headed to Ao Nang to walk and check out the souvenirs. I managed to buy a few T-shirt and fridge magnets. We stopped to have some ice cream and then walked back to our hotel.

Totally knackered and prayed that the weather for Day 2 is bright and sunny!!

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  1. bestnya the trip! cant wait to see your next posts ^_^

    1. it was definately FUN esp. when it's FREE hehehe

  2. hehe.. so fun.. oo.. we have same room type :D

    1. wished it was double bed tho, can golek2 hehe


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