Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Krabi - Day Two

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Day Two Itinerary
Emerald Pool
Hot Stream
Tiger Cave
Ao Nang beach

When we woke up the next morning, unfortunately the weather was not on our side.
It was raining heavily which meant we could not go to Phi Phi Island. I was super dissappointed but I guess it's not meant to be. I will just have to come back again with the family instead!

So we had breakfast at the restaurant (it's non halal) but there were plenty of stuff I could eat. I had the omellette and the yoghurt was exceptional!

After breakfast, Sam came to pick us up and off we went to Emerald Pool. On the way we stopped at a fruits market and I tried one of their local delicacies Pak Mao.

The market
Yummy fruits
Trying the Pak Mao

Around an hour later, we arrived at the Emerald Pool. It's a natural pool with green clear water.

At the entrance

My buddy for the weekend, Sabby!

We took the shorter route (800m) to the pool and when we arrived it was beautiful!! 

Emerald Pool

Most of us had a quick swim in the pool. It was nice and refreshing. Luckily we arrived early because when we left, the place was packed as everyone who was suppose to go to Phi Phi has been diverted here.

We took the scenic route back (1.4km) where we came across the Crystal Pool and saw mini waterfalls on the way back. Before the next destination, we all had lunch at this restaurant (halal).

Another huge lunch spread and of course not to forget our coconut water (which we had at every lunch and dinner while we were here!)

Yum yum Tom Yam
As all lunches were paid for by Dove, I asked how much that lunch was. For 5 dishes to feed 11 people it was about 2,500 Baht (RM250) which wasn't so bad right?

Next was the Hot Stream. Unfortunately as it rained the night before, the Hot Stream was not hot and it was brown in colour. Not exactly welcoming so no one went in.

Info on the Hot Stream

After the Hot Stream, we went to the Tiger Cave. It's a Buddhist Temple near a cave. In the cave, a tiger used to reside there and roared and scared the villagers. There is a flight of stairs that takes you up to the summit (1272 steps) where you can see the Golden Buddha statue at top and also enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Krabi. I didn't go up though coz of my knees so we just took pictures.

Bottom of the staircase

After that we were sent back to the hotel and the rest of the day was up to us. Me and Sabby decided to rest and first. At 6pm we headed to Ao Nang to take pictures at the beach before sunset.

Ao Nang beach

Dinner time is next. We had enough of tom yam so pizza it is!!

Although they said it was Halal, we still noticed Ham on the pizza in the menu. We didn't want to risk it so we had Fungi pizza.

Hungry Sabby
Today's Mango Sticky Rice
Our dinner was only 359 Baht which was cheap for 2 people. Please note however that we went during Happy Hour which meant that the pizza was cheaper. I think Happy Hour is between 6-8pm.

At Ao Nang, I saw a few lady boys by the street advertising their Cabaret show which I REALLY wanted to go. Sabby wasn't keen though so we didn't go hehe. I should have taken pics with them though at least! By the time we finished dinner their show have started so no photo op!

Then we walked all the way up to McDonalds to find more souvenirs and ate another pancake.

Waiting for our pancake
The famous Thai Pancake
Mango and Choc

The Thai pancakes are actually very thin roti canai with a topping of your choice. My fave would be banana and nutella! Super yummy!

For souveniers, the price ranges from one stop to another. So let me give you a typical price so that you know the price you can bargain for

  • Fridge magnets - 3 for 100 Baht
  • T-shirts - 150 Baht
  • Small coin purses - pack of 5 for 100 Baht
  • Place mats for 4 people - 120 Baht (bought mine for 200 Baht!!)
  • Top (blue one I wore to Emerald pool) - 300 Baht (they started the price at 450 Baht)

I found this shop which had the cheaper prices. It's located next to a pharmacy, opposite Black Canyon Coffee. If you're walking from McDonalds down towards Ao Nang beach, you have to go right around the bend to find it.

After all that walking, we got our feet massaged at the Spa near our hotel. 250 Baht for an hour (they wrote 45 mins but we bargained for an hour). So cheap and they were so good!!! Wished we had more time for more massage!!

Happy face during massage

Feet all massaged, we're ready to get to bed for a good night sleep!


  1. having that massage before you sleep must be really relaxing kan ^_^ after a day of adventures, hehe!

  2. hehe.. such fun trip for us


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